Fear the Walking Dead’s Masked Man Is a Returning Character: His Identity Revealed

Who was that masked man, anyway? Fear the Walking Dead sees newly reunited couple Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) saddle up with a new crew of masked riders for a high-stakes heist in episode 605, "Honey." The masked men target Virginia's (Colby Minifie) Mine Resistant Ambush Protected SWAT van, but the vehicle's owner, Althea (Maggie Grace), points out you don't destroy something like that — you steal it. Dwight and Sherry team with Oswald (Andre Munar) and Rollie (Cory Hart), who crossed paths with Dwight in Fear's fifth season when he rolled with Logan's (Matt Frewer) crew until the bandits were shot and killed by Virginia's Pioneers.

In season 5 episode "210 Words Per Minute," Rollie ambushes Dwight when he leaves Morgan (Lennie James) and Grace (Karen David) at a mall to retrieve trucks needed to load up on supplies. Rollie, working for Logan, demands to know the location of oil fields and threatens to burn Dwight's letters from Sherry to get him to talk.

When Dwight turns the tables on his captor, he lets Rollie live because someone gave him a second chance, and it's the same chance Dwight gives Rollie. He tells him, "When you walk out of these woods, you're gonna have a choice to make. You can go on being an a—hole, or you can figure out someone else to be."

Fear the Walking Dead Rollie and Oswald
(Rollie [right] in Fear the Walking Dead 605, 'Honey.' Photo: AMC)

We last saw Rollie in season 5 episode "Leave What You Don't," where he's ambushed and captured by Dwight and Sarah (Mo Collins) while en route to the quarry. It would ultimately save Rollie's life: he wasn't present when the Pioneers gunned down Logan and his crew at Tank Town.

"You'll see these lives, like two pieces of a puzzle that don't really fit together," Amelio previously told Decider about Dwight and Sherry's long-awaited reunion. "Or one piece of the puzzle's been folded up and water's gotten on it, and you're trying to force it in. It's going to be different. It's not going to be what they thought it was going to be."


Now that they're back together after more than a year apart, Amelio added, "Some crazy sh-t's about to happen."

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