Fear the Walking Dead Kills Off Spoiler and Adds Another Threat

Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday killed off a major player when introducing new threat Virginia [...]

Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday killed off a major player when introducing new threat Virginia (Colby Minifie) and her gang.

"Leave What You Don't" explores the history of Logan (Matt Frewer), who once exhibited the same altruism spread by partner Clayton (Stephen Henderson), a.k.a. trucker Polar Bear. Because Clayton's rig was stolen by grifters Sarah (Mo Collins) and Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), Clayton was unable to rescue a panicking woman when her desperate message for help came over Logan's radio.

Logan raced to save the woman, but was forced to listen as she was torn apart by the undead. A distraught Logan was then found by Virginia, who said she wants to help.

"We want the same thing you do, only bigger and better," she told Logan. "Together, we can get from yesterday to tomorrow."

Logan's failure put him at odds with Clayton's philosophy and mission — since adopted by Morgan (Lennie James) and his nomadic band of survivors, who put themselves in harm's way to help needy strangers — causing Logan to abandon those values and instead believe in "survival of the fittest."

In present day, Logan and his heavily-armed gang ambush Luciana (Danay García), and siblings Annie (Bailey Gavulic), Max (Ethan Suess) and Dylan (Cooper Dodson) at the oil fields. Sarah, Dwight (Austin Amelio), June (Jenna Elfman) and John (Garret Dillahunt) come to the rescue, but a standoff worsens when walkers — drawn by noise, smoke and flame — begin to descend on the quarry.

When Sarah asks who the gas is for, Logan tells her not to be concerned with the details. "The point is, they are gonna help. It's just not gonna be one person at a time," he says. "'Cause that kind of mom and pop crap just makes people think they have a chance."

Later holed up in a trailer with Sarah, Logan answers a radio call from a woman surrounded by walkers in Cleon's Feedbag — the same site he once failed to reach in time. Making contact with the woman, Logan directs her to a left behind gun before telling her it holds only a single bullet.

As she contemplates suicide to avoid being torn apart, Wes (Colby Hollman) comes to her rescue, having heard her distress calls to Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) over the radio.

"What happened there before, I'm sorry. But that's no reason to throw this all away," Sarah tells Logan. "We help people. They help people. Hard to get bigger than that."

In the light of day, Logan orders his crew to stand down. They begrudgingly comply.

"Shit happens. It makes you question things. And more shit happens, and you start to doubt everything you're about," Logan says. "Some people do, anyway. My partner Clayton... he never did."

Clayton's journal — containing the secrets to crafting the fuel — has been destroyed, but "it's not gonna snuff out what he was trying to build," Logan says. "What we were both trying to build."

With that, Logan is killed by a bullet to the head. More shots drop his crew.

Virginia and her gang enter under cover from up high, leaving the survivors helplessly outgunned. Virginia explains her people have been watching the survivors "on and off screen," referring to the group's tapes left behind to encourage needy strangers to make contact.

Virginia says the convoy is thinking "too small," and her people are "more like the pioneers. Settlers. Settling everything, everywhere."

"It's no different than what you're doing with your outposts, only bigger," she adds. "And, if I may, better."

She proposes working together. Her people, who have eyes and resources everywhere, brokered a deal with Logan to "expand what we've already built," Virginia says. "To power it. To fuel it. You help us keep this place going, there is no telling what we can offer each other. Together."

Sarah tells her to shove it. When June calls Virginia on killing Logan despite having a deal, she says they only eliminate the nonessential — and a refusal to supply gas means the survivors aren't essential.

With Clayton's instructions destroyed, Luciana offers to stay behind to make the fuel in exchange for Virginia sparing her friends. The deal is made.

"If you all change your minds, do reach out," Virginia says. "At the rate we're expanding, you won't have a hard time finding us." Luciana watches on as the convoy leaves, knowing nothing is more important than the mission.

Fear the Walking Dead next airs 514, "Today and Tomorrow," Sunday, September 15 at 9/8c on AMC.