Fear the Walking Dead: Dwight and Sherry Ride With Masked Men in 605 Clip

Recently reunited couple Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista) plot with Al (Maggie Grace) and two masked riders to make a "Hail Mary" against Virginia (Colby Minifie) in a sneak peek from Fear the Walking Dead 605, "Honey." Dwight traveled halfway across the country and spent more than a year tracking down his wife, and the only thing standing in between them being together is Virginia — and her near-impenetrable MRAP SWAT van stolen from Al. Also in the mix next episode: Morgan Jones (Lennie James), who has already put into motion his own plan to bring down Virginia with inside man Daniel Salazar (Rubén Blades).

In a clip from "Honey," Dwight and Sherry's mask-wearing allies plan an attack on the MRAP using explosives — but Al has a different idea:

Masked Man #1: The SWAT van Virginia's rolling around in, it's gonna pass old Durham Road. Now's our chance.

Dwight: Chance for what?

Masked Man #2: Hail Mary. Throw everything we got at it in one shot.

Sherry: Without the van, its guns, we might actually have a shot at bringing her down. If we do that, we could be together, D. We don't have to be looking over our shoulder every minute.

Al: You can't blow up the van.

Masked Man #2: Wanna bet?

Al: No, it's a Caiman Series MRAP. As in Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, designed to stand up to IED blasts like they're speed bumps. That's not gonna do shit.

Masked Man #2: How do you know all that?

Al: Because it's my MRAP. Look, if you really want to take down Virginia, you don't destroy something like that. You steal it.

"[She's] somebody that is definitely more assertive and strong and tough, and she is on a mission. I call her Sherry 2.0," Evangelista told Insider about her long-missing character's return to the Walking Dead Universe. "Everything that's happened to her in her life — all of the pain that she's endured, the loss, the abuse that she went through, especially with Negan, and then, ultimately, not having any closure from that whole experience because she had to flee — she never ended up seeing what happened and she never got to see really any of the light at all. Her ex-husband did."

Evangelista continued, "Dwight's character really did see the fall of that empire in a way and she didn't. She's really carrying all of those experiences and it's been really heavy and [you'll be] seeing how that has changed her as a woman. It's hardened her in a way and you'll see her struggle to sort of fight against that."


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