Good Game Creator Alleges The CW Stole Her Idea for New Show GG in Development

Good Game creators Jessie Cox and Michele Morrow are calling out The CW, alleging that the network stole the concept, premise, and even the title of their 2017 YouTube series for the recently announced GG (Goodgame). Last week both Cox and Morrow took to social media to point out the similarities, with Morrow in particular noting that those involved with GG had even spoken to her and were aware of Good Game prior to the creation of GG.

Last week it was announced that GG (Goodgame) was in development at The CW and that the series would be centered around a female protagonist working in the video game industry. The show will be the first project from production company OptIn, launched by J Moses and Kim Moses.

"GG fully captures the challenges of women continuing to fight for recognition in the gaming world," Kim Moses said at the time. "To tell this story, J and I could not be more thrilled to be working alongside the immensely talented Debbie Liebling and Daisy Gardner, as well as The CW and CBSTV."

However, Cox posted on Twitter noting the similarities between The CW's project and Good Game.

"Remember that time we made the show called Good Game, about an esports team, a woman who joins them, and their attempts to be taken seriously in the gaming world?" Cox wrote. "Well Hollywood just decided to make the exact same show, with the same name, and same premise."

While similarities between projects is not uncommon in Hollywood, Morrow noted that the similarities went deeper than that, noting that the storyline of the series was eerily close to that of her Good Game character, Ash Donovan, and more than that, producers already knew about Good Game -- because they'd approached her about it.

"F-cked up," Morrow wrote. "To note: They called me and invited me to a dinner to 'talk esports', but when I told them about our show they said, 'oh that's YOUR show? Oh okay, well [never mind] about the dinner and we will call you once we're further along in our story.' They've seen it and are well aware."

Morrow further detailed the situation in a post on Instagram as well.


"There are so many ways to tell a story about women in esports without taking from mine," she wrote. "After the producers contacted me and invited me to dinner, I offered to come on as a consulting producer instead of giving my thoughts for free. They said they wanted to meet two weeks later about it, but then ghosted. You think they'd want to include a woman in esports (and pay her, not brain drain her) since they're aiming to tell a story about one. instead, they swiped my work and got trashy Hollywood about it."

Created by Cox and Morrow, both who also starred in the series, Good Game debuted on YouTube Red in 2017. The series ran for one, six-episode season.