Heidi Klum's Daughter Teases Massive Halloween Party

Heidi Klum's daughter is already teasing her mom's massive Halloween bash this year. People Magazine caught up with Leni Klum about the big day and everyone agrees its going to be spectacular. For the last few years, the TV personality and model had to back off of her giant Fall parties because of coronavirus precautions. But, trying to get back into the swing of things, the Halloween soiree will continue with some added precautions. Leni knows people want to hear about her mother, so the outlet couldn't resist getting a question in there. Near the end of every October, fans flock to Instagram to see what outlandish look Klum has settled on for this year. Some of these costumes are absolutely staggering in their complexity and commitment to makeup. The model spends multiple hours in makeup getting everything just right. So, get excited people, the big day is basically here!

"My mom always went all out for Halloween, of course. We'd have people come and decorate and there'd be cobwebs everywhere and massive pumpkins. They'd come on buses and they'd [unload] these huge pumpkins. My mom definitely loves it more than I do. I love dressing up and turning into something crazy. Her costume is amazing, but I obviously can't say anything. There's an open bar and I'm not 21, so as of now, I can't go. I've been asking my mom to go for a while, but in any case, I do have my own friends out here."

What Will Klum Wear This Year?

The America's Got Talent host actually teased her look with the outlet as well! "I don't think I've ever felt as claustrophobic as I will feel that night," Klum explained to PEOPLE. "I have a thing about feeling claustrophobic. Especially if I have too much stuck on me and can't take it off. So I'll have to really breeze through it."

Last year, she dazzled fans with a very realistic take on Jessica Rabbit. There were a ton of prosthetics working on that look and her afformentioned fear of tight spaces made it a real challenge. "For Jessica Rabbit, I had so many [prosthetics] on," Klum smirked. "For being the old me. I've never had as many prosthetics on like I will have this time."

What do you think she has planned for a costume this year? Let us know down in the comments!