How WandaVision Pays Tribute to Marvel History by Pushing Visual Boundaries

Though WandaVision's visual style throughout most of the series was influenced by the sitcoms that it was referencing in each episode (ranging from Bewitched to Modern Family), the Marvel Studios production for Disney+ was also hyper aware of its roots in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking with in an exclusive interview, series cinematographer Jess Hall opened up about how the previous appearances of Wanda Maximoff and Vision in the MCU were an influence on the series' visual language. That's not to say that it exclusively references past films, it also developed its own unique look for shots and camera work.

"I think we were always cognizant of the legacy and what had come before," Hall said. "Because obviously you're traveling with these characters on a journey. I mean, I've been really touched by the scenes between Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen in the Endgame, and Age of Ultron. So, these are kind of important connections that you want to capitalize on in terms of the drama. And you don't want to go against the grain. But at the same time I think the studio are very embracing that this was its own project. And they definitely were pushing some boundaries visually. And I think they were willing to embrace what we wanted to do creatively and support it with the great infrastructure that they have at Marvel, in terms of the technological expertise and the people they can bring in to help. So yeah, it was very supportive, just everyone very committed and aiming for the best product.

Hall also offered a tease for the final two episodes of the show, teasing some of the biggest shots of the series in those last installments.

"There are two big episodes to come," Halls added. "I want fans to kind of have the full experience and figure out things for themselves as those episodes come. But yeah, these are two really big episodes. And I think there's a lot to discover in WandaVision still."

Let us know what you think will happen in the final episodes below!


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