'Into the Badlands': A Look at Season 3 (Exclusive)

Into the Badlands is set to return soon and AMC has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive first look featurette.

The new Into the Badlands featurette features several of the show's returning stars discussing where their characters are at when the third season opens. Daniel Wu is back as Sunny, the former regent to Baron Quinn who is now dedicated only to his son, Henry. Emily Beecham returns as The Widow and Ally Ioannides as her daughter, Tilda, who had become a Robin Hood-like vigilante. Aramis Knight returns as the mysterious MK, Nick Frost as Bajie, and Orla Brady as Lydia.

Sherman Augustus also returns as Moon after being introduced in Season Two. Moon will join forces with The Widow in her war against Baron Chau in the hopes of avenging his feud with Sunny.

Into the Badlands Season Three will also introduce several new characters as well. Babou Ceesay plays Pilgrim, a zealous warlord who is on a quest to recover a mysterious artifact from Azra that could tip the balance of power in the Badlands. Pilgrim presents himself in the trailer as a messiah figure sent offering salvation to the inhabitants of the Badlands. At his right hand is Cressida, played by Lorraine Toussaint, a powerful and cunning mother figure and lover, and a self-styled prophetess.

The featurette follows the release of the Into the Badlands Season Three trailer at WonderCon and several new photos from Into the Badlands Season Three revealed exclusively on ComicBook.com, featuring many of these characters old and new as well as Lewis Tan's new character, Gaius.


Into the Badlands is a story of survival and dominance set in a future feudal society. Within the territory known as the Badlands, a variety of clans struggle for supremacy over one another; these clans have been formed by the destruction of familial bonds and skirmishes over power. The show’s interwoven themes of martial arts, love and redemption are highlighted by what the show is best known for: its stunning cinematography, and striking fight sequences.

Into the Badlands Season Three premieres April 22nd at 10 p.m. ET on AMC. Into the Badlands Season Two is now streaming on Netflix.