Jason Momoa Fights Dave Bautista In See Season 2 Trailer Released By Apple TV+

Jason Momoa fighting Dave Bautista is clearly going to be one of the main events in season 2 of [...]

Jason Momoa fighting Dave Bautista is clearly going to be one of the main events in season 2 of the Apple TV+ series See - because it's certainly what they keep featuring in the marketing. This latest trailer for See season 2 picks up the story from the ending of season 1, in which Momoa's character, Baba Voss, is on the search for his adopted daughter Haniwa (Nesta Cooper), who has been captured and taken by Baba's estranged brother, Edo Voss (Dave Bautista). As we see in the trailer, Baba and his traveling companions (adopted son Kofun and old shaman Paris) catch up to Edo - and it's not a happy reunion.

The new See Season 2 trailer hints the deeper history of Baba Voss's backstory, from returning to his homeland and original tribe, to the violent history between him and Edo. This new trailer also makes it clear that Bautista's character will be a much more layered and nuanced villain than the brutal savage warrior hinted at in the earlier marketing. That's fitting, as Bautista has made a career out of playing muscular brutes who are unexpectedly complicated or deep. Edo looks like another good performance from Bautista - and his interaction with Momoa seems like it will be even more exciting than watching the two hunky stars go at it.

Jason Momoa recently revealed that See got approved for Season 3 before season 2 even premieres. While appearing on The Tonight Show, Momoa expressed how happy he is with how this series has found success in its season 3 renewal:

"It's huge news. It's huge news. Because it's probably the hardest and greatest character I've ever played - just in the sense of, you know, the whole world is blind. It's just very challenging and I love the cast. I love the crew, the world, and it's tough. If I'm not fighting, I'm crying, and it's just pushed me on so many levels."

Momoa also shared how See has tapped into a very vulnerable side of him, since Baba Voss' journey resonates with him as a family man and father:

"In this [show], by the second episode, I'm 60 years old with 15-year-old twins. Even though he's a warrior, he's a man trying to keep his family together. I've never experienced a dad role. I've never had the opportunity to go to these places before."

See season 2 will premiere on AppleTV+ on August 27th.