John Travolta Recreates Grease Dance in Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, which means we are getting a glimpse at more [...]

The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, which means we are getting a glimpse at more celebrity-fueled commercials. We got a little taste of a Wayne's World reunion thanks to Uber Eats and we know there is an HBO Max commercial to look forward to on game day. Another new ad is transporting us back to Rydell High thanks to some sweet dance moves by John Travolta and his daughter, Ella Travolta. The ad for Scotts & Miracle-Gro features some other stars like Martha Stewart, The Mandalorian's Carl Weathers, The Office's Leslie David Baker, and NASCAR's Kyle Busch. However, it's the Grease moves that are catching people's attention.

"Backyards are awesome! That's why Scotts & Miracle-Gro are giving you the chance to win the lawn and garden of your dreams. Just text 833-835-3535 to find out how to enter," the ad explains. Unsurprisingly, Travolta's "Born to Hand Jive" dance moves are just as impressive as ever. You can check out the ad in the video below:

Many people hopped in the YouTube video's comments to share their excitement over Travolta's dancing. "John Still Has It," one fan wrote. "I love this commercial! Want more TRAVOLTA," another added. "I love this so much! John Travolta 4 ever," someone else commented.

This is not the only recent commercial that features Travolta and pays homage to one of his most iconic films. The actor reunited with his Pulp Fiction co-star, Samuel L. Jackson, for a holiday-themed Captial One commercial. In the ad, Travolta played Santa Claus while Jackson rocked a shirt with a burger in a Santa hat that says, "'Happy Holidays 'With Cheese'." With any luck, Travolta's next commercial will also feature Nicolas Cage and include a tribute to the 1997 classic, Face/Off.

As for Travolta's daughter, it's clear she's hoping to follow in her parents' acting footsteps. Back in 2019, she was featured in The Poison Rose alongside her father, Morgan Freeman, Brendan Fraser, and Famke Janssen.

What did you think of the Scotts & Miracle-Gro commercial? Is there an ad you're most looking forward to on Sunday? Tell us in the comments!

Super Bowl LV will feature the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it is scheduled to take place this Sunday, February 7th, starting at 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT. This year, folks can stream the football game for free via CBS Sports. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming Super Bowl right here.