Arrow's Juliana Harkavy on Creation Entertainment's Virtual Fan Experience And Connecting With Fans During the Pandemic

In a world where digital fan events have become increasingly common, Creation Entertainment has [...]

In a world where digital fan events have become increasingly common, Creation Entertainment has somewhat upped the ante with their Virtual Fan Experiences. Rather than a 2-day virtual convention, the Virtual Fan Experience site has a schedule of events and celebrities, and gives fans an opportunity to pay a little bit for Q&A panels, or more for a 1-on-1 experience. The thing is, rather than acting like a convention and having a hard open and close, this acts a bit more like an "enhanced" version of Cameo, the site that allows people to pay for celebrity video messages and stays open all the time.

Juliana Harkavy is taking the virtual stage tomorrow for a Q&A at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time -- and it's something that intrigues her. The ability to connect with more fans, who can't necessarily afford all the travel of conventional comic book conventions, is something she thinks will have an enduring appeal even after the pandemic is over (even if she admits that she misses hugging and taking pictures with people). It's the relationship with fans, Harkavy told in an interview to support the Virtual Fan Experience, that helps drive her when she's not able to do the work she loves.

"One of the coolest parts about being an actor is that you create a little piece of history, a little moment in time, that is essentially there forever," Harkavy said. "You know, potentially could somebody in 20, 30 years could start watching Arrow from the beginning and it will be like it was in that moment. I love that aspect of film and television. And I love even more so that with a show like Arrow, where it is about superheroe,s and it's tackling real life issues, that it actually has changed people's lives. It's not necessarily like, 'Oh, that was a really cool movie' or '...a really cool show.' It's like, 'This touched me, this changed me.' And I hear that a lot from fans, and it means everything. I think this is why we do what we do. We tell stories that really touch people, and that will be there forever. And I'm really proud of that."

Harkavy's one-on-one slots are sold out, but you can get in on her Q&A panel tomorrow by checking out the information at the Creation Entertainment website. Expect plenty of questions about the status of Green Arrow and the Canaries, the planned spinoff that, if it goes to series, will star Harkavy alongside Katherine McNamara and Katie Cassidy.