Legends of Tomorrow: Here's What You Missed on Last Night's Finale

The episode opens on a world controlled by the Fates, where the Legends have broken free from TV, but Atropos and Lachesis have not yet realized it. The Legends trade clothes with some fans who approach them for autographs, so that they can go a bit less conspicuously throught he world. It does not help for long, though, as a line of worshipers who come to the Loom Temple of the Fates in the hopes of getting a slightly better life. One of the worshipers asks for their shows to come back on the air, and then Lachesis figures out that the Legends are in the real world.

While part of the team -- Zari 1.0, Nate, and Mick -- looks through a giant dump of forbidden items for the Waverider, Sara, John, and the others set about destroying the Loom of Fate for good.

Mick finds the Waverider, then leaves Zari and Nate to figure out how to get it back online so that he can find his daughter. The rest of the Legends face off against Atropos at the Loom, with Sara eventually killing her by throwing her into the Loom.

The Waverider picks them up, after having got back online when Nate steeled up so that he could serve as a superconductor to facilitate a blast of energy into Gideon.

With Atropos dead, the powers Sara got after their last battle fade, allowing her to see with her eyes but not her mind. That means when the Waverider jumps a few months forward, they have to go out and actually look around to see whether killing Atropos had destroyed the Loom and fixed everything. Turns out, it didn't -- although Lachesis and Charlie's new approach is to give people more limited autonomy, and gadgets to keep them preoccupied -- nominally, a smartwatch that serves as a wearable connection to the Loom of Fate.

Sara, Ava, Nick, and John find a history museum, where they discover that the Fates have created a monument to the "bad ideas" that free will gave the universe.

On the ship, Zari and Behrad are working on repairing Gideon when Behrad suddenly has a flashback to his pre-Crisis, pre-Heyworld past, where he was killed by ARGUS saving Zari. When Zari 1.0 explains to him that it really did happen and wasn't a hallucination, they have to deal with that reality.

Back at the museum, the Legends find a "hall of villains" where many of the Encores are ranked. #2 is the Legends -- "god killers" -- and #1 is Clotho, who was left alone for four months. But while the rest of society got their memories back, Charlie effectively had hers wiped and was transformed into a complacent exhibit in the museum. The Legends put her to sleep and bring her to the Waverider.

There, she's not happy and neither is Astra, who is struggling with whether she was permanently corrupted by her involvement with Lachesis.

The Legends try to convince Charlie that free will is good, bringing up a the history of the Legends as an example of something that never would have happened in a world without free will. As Zari 1.0 and Behrad seek out the Loom in one room, Constantine and Zari 2.0 do it elsewhere. Meanwhile, Behrad's chest starts bleeding from the place where Atropos had previously cut his thread.

Charlie remains uncertain about the Legends' plans, even after John, Behrad, and the Zaris discover that they really did destroy the Loom and it was replaced -- by Gideon running a powerful program on behalf of Lachesis.

At the History Museum's grand opening, Lachesis launches a speech about history, claiming she had rebuilt the Loom in order to keep the "peace."

When she turns to show the crowd Charlie, and asks the person in the robe whether she "accepts her fate," Astra says no and stands before Lachesis, demanding she strike her down for her insolence. The Legends have also replaced the statues of themselves. They confront her and, when she tries to use "the Loom" to turn the crowd against them, Zari 2.0 cuts the power to Gideon. Fate abandons the watches, but Lachesis brings back the Encores from the Hall of Villains to stop them. Taking up junk from the Hall of Bad Ideas and to the tune of "The Thong Song," the Legends battle Caligula, Stalin, Marie Antoinette, and the others. Unfortunately, no matter how many times the Legends beat the Encores, they won't stay dead since the weapons in the room aren't Hell weapons.

On the Waverider, Lita tells Charlie that her life is a perfect example of the kind of insanity that both he Legends and free will in general create. It finally snaps her out of things, and Charlie asks if she wants to go make a real mess. She and Lita bring the Hell weapons to the Museum, and commits herself to standing against Lachesis with the Legends.

In a backroom, Lachesis tries to reboot Gideon, but Charlie confronts her, saying that in all the years she was being abused by Lachesis, she thought she had needed her sister's forgiveness, but now she knows it's the other way around. She hugs Lachesis, telling her that she has to go live her life, and not try to control everything, now that she's stuck as a mortal.

On the bridge of the Waverider, Zari 1.0 comes on the bridge just as Behrad has restarted Gideon. As they joke around, Behrad starts to bleed and collapse. Zari says that her being there is messing with time, and that it is endangering Behrad's life. Despite the fact that everyone will miss her, Zari decides to go into the Totem. After saying her goodbyes, she essentially wills herself into the Totem.


When Nate says he needs a drink, Charlie takes the whole team to a concert by The Smell, where she's back onstage. There, John gives Astra the keys to Highcastle, and she gives him his soul token, so that both of them can go back to something like a normal life.

After the show, the Legends are drunk in an alley when Charlie tells them that she has decided to stay back and live her life with the band. Sara tells her to call on the Legends if she ever needs anything. As the team heads back to the Waverider, Sara is sucked up into the sky by a tractor beam.

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