Netflix's Locke & Key Adds Three Series Regulars for Season 2

Believe it or not, production on the second season of Netflix's Locke & Key is now underway. The series had a long and difficult journey to the screen, having been attempted at both FOX and Hulu before the Netflix project took off. After debuting in February, the series became a solid hit for the streaming service, and a second season was quickly ordered. Season 2 began production in September and it looks like there will be a few characters getting plenty of added screen time in the new installment.

According to Deadline, three actors have been made series regulars in the second season of Locke & Key, two of which appeared as guest stars in the first season. Aaron Ashmore, who plays Duncan Locke, and Hallea Jones, who plays Eden Hawkins, have both been upped to series regular status for Season 2.

Brendan Hines has also been added as a series regular, though he didn't appear in any capacity in Season 1. Hines will play a character named Josh Bennett, a new history teacher at Matheson Academy who has a hidden agenda. Season 2 has also added Liyou Abere as a guest star.

Locke & Key is based on the IDW comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Earlier this year, Hill spoke with and offered his thoughts on the Netflix adaptation.

"I loved the show. I loved what the show became," Hill revealed to "Carlton Cuse, who's the showrunner on it, is kind of a professor of television and he made himself a student of the previous two attempts to adapt Locke & Key, which had failed, and tried to crack the puzzle of why those versions did not work. I think that Locke & Key, the comic book, was always like 'Harry Potter gone bad.' It was always a little bit like R-rated Harry Potter. Scarier. More horror."


"And I think that what he realized was there were the elements of this terrific YA fantasy thing there and that the solution to the problem was to lean into that," he continued. "So the earlier versions of Locke & Key were two parts horror and two parts fantasy. And the Netflix version is one part horror, three parts fantasy, and that seems to be the right chemical mix for TV."

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