Lucifer Season 6 Renewal Looking Good at Netflix

Fans of the TV series Lucifer have been on a roller coaster with the series since it began. After being cancelled by FOX with its third season, the series was saved by streaming service Netflix and picked up for fourth, then later a "fifth and final" season. For that reason it surprised many when it was reported earlier this month that Netflix and Warner Bros. Television are in talks for a sixth season of the TV series. Since then it has been pretty quiet but now TV Line has an important update about the shows potential "bonus season."

Asked by a fan of Lucifer if there were any updates, the site revealed the negotiations are ongoing and that both WBTV and Netflix "appear optimistic that a renewal deal will come to fruition." In addition, they report that the new season could be between 10 and 13 episodes. Even if the season falls on the higher end of that number, even more episodes could eventually arrive as the fifth season was upgraded from 10 episodes to 16, which will be released in two eight-episode batches.

If Lucifer does return for a sixth season that will mean its life on Netflix will be just as long as when it was airing on FOX. The series previously aired three seasons on the television network before being cancelled, but after a campaign by fans of the series to see it return, Netflix stepped in and gave it a new home. Lucifer's total episode count while on FOX was much higher than its Netflix counterpart though.

Lucifer's fifth season fifth season recently cast God, and teased a return from Eve, which seems like a hard thing for a prospective sixth season to top, but given that the Lucifer writers have had to write "The End" a few times now, it seems pretty likely they would be able to figure something out for at least ten more hours with the character.


One way the series could very surprisingly tell more story was revealed last week as a planned comic book. Later this year DC Comics and IDW Publishing will debut the crossover event Locke & Key: Hell & Gone which will crossover the Sandman Universe with Joe Hill's series with the key to Hell (and Lucifer) seemingly at the center of its story. This could work on TV because the long anticipated series adaptation of Locke & Key debuted its first season on the streaming service earlier this year, and since Lucifer crossed over with the Arrow-verse during "Crisis on Infinite Earths," stranger things have happened.