Maisie Richardson-Sellers Addresses If She's Really Done with Legends of Tomorrow

The first time Maisie Richardson-Sellers appeared to leave DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it didn't last long. The actor, who played Amaya Jiwe, also known as the Justice Society member Vixen, in the show's second season, eventually left to return to her proper place in the past and allow the timeline to play out as it should. Soon after that, she came back as "Charlie," a shape-shifting punk rocker who started as an antagonist but soon went on to join the Legends. But following the events of season five, which ended in June, Charlie, too, is gone -- and this time, Richardson-Sellers is no longer listed as a series regular.

If you missed it, it turned out that "Charlie" was really Clotho, one of the three Fates of Greek mythology. Her sisters came looking for her, bent on reassembling the Loom of Fate that helped them control the world. Clotho was instrumental in helping the Legends beat her sisters, but with the family drama behind her and no more Loom hanging over her head, she decided to go back to a life of relative anonymity. During an interview in support of her new film Kissing Booth 2, Richardson-Sellers was, maybe predictably, asked about coming back again, either as Charlie or another character altogether.

"Is anyone ever done on Legends?" Richardson-Sellers is quoted as saying with a laugh. "But I have left the show as a series regular, which was a really tough but positive decision that I made because I really want to pour more energy and time into Barefaced Productions and getting projects off the ground, and I just couldn’t do that with the [Legends] shooting schedule. I learned so much from Legends. It was such a family environment, and I love them all. And I’ve made it very clear that if they ever actually accidentally need Charlie or Amaya for a mission, I’d be more than down. So, I don’t think it’s fully goodbye yet. I hope. I’m not dead. And even dying means nothing on the show anyway."

Most Arrowverse characters who leave, keep coming back when time allows. Some, like Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) from Legends, have stayed gone -- although you can see a fan film titled Cooped Up, which features the pair back in their old roles (and was written by me) above.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is expected to begin production in the fall with an eye toward a spring 2021 season premiere.