Martin Cast "Trying" For A Reboot Says Tisha Campbell

Bringing back popular '90s TV sitcoms is all the rage right now, and it seems Martin could be looking to get a reboot, as well. Martin Lawrence's co-star on the show, Tisha Campbell, recently did an interview in which she revealed that it is in fact the cast of Martin (though no names were specified) that is "pushing" to make a reboot happen. That might come as a surprise to fans of the show, as Campbell and Lawrence famously had a major falling out, which was never publicly divulged. However, according to the actress, that bad blood has been drained, and the 'Martin and Gina' vibe is better than ever.

Martin Reboot Cast Tisha Campbell
(Photo: Warner Bros. Television)

According to Campbell's interview with ET, the cast of Martin is hoping to get a reboot off the ground, but there's still one major hurdle in the way: scheduling.

"We are trying to. It’s so hard to say,” Campbell says. “One, Tommy’s not here. And the other thing is the schedule. It literally falls down to schedule. Every single one of us, thank God, is still working.”

As for the feud between Campbell and Lawrence, Campbell says time has put them on much better ground, and she had lunch with Lawrence and co-star Tichina Arnold recently:

"[We talked about] a private moment between me, Tichina and Martin,” Campbell says. "That will always stay private. And all I know is that at the end of it, we are so good. We are just supportive of one another, supportive of each other’s families. We talked, it’s all good.”

Martin starred Lawrence and Campbell as a Detroit, Michigan couple. Martin was a radio DJ, while his girlfriend Gina (Campbell) was a PR firm executive. The couple was constantly in the company of their respective friends, including Martin's boys Tommy (Thomas Mikal Ford) and Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) and Gina's best friend Pam (Arnold). Ford tragically passed away at age 52 in 2016, due to a ruptured abdominal aneurysm.


As Campbell states, the Martin cast largely went on to have successful careers on the big and small screens - so it's understandable that they would have some logistical issues getting together again. At the same time, it seems all but inevitable that Martin would get some kind of resurgence in the next few years. The series would be a nice addition to HBO Max's lineup (HBO Independent Productions and WB TV produced the series) - especially alongside Fresh Prince. The two black-led mainstream hit sitcoms look more and more groundbreaking as time passes, and it seems like they're becoming relevant all over again. “People are gravitating to the show even more,” Campbell says. "Because they just want levity. They wanna laugh.”

Martin is still running in syndication on various basic cable networks.