National Treasure: Edge of History Has a Plan to Bring Nicolas Cage Back

While audiences shouldn't expect to see Nicolas Cage show up as Benjamin Gates in the first season of National Treasure: Edge of History, showrunner Cormac Wibberley recently confirmed that there is a tentative plan in place to potentially see Cage return in Season 2. The initial plan for the series was to feature both Cage and Diane Kruger return for the narrative in limited capacity, but those plans never ended up coming together. In this regard, Edge of History assuredly unfolds in the same reality as the previous National Treasure films, but fans shouldn't expect there to be much connective tissue in the narrative in Season 1. Stay tuned for details on the release of National Treasure: Edge of History.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Wibberley compared Cage's Ben and Lisette Olivera's Jess as being like the relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, were Cage to appear in Season 2.

"That's basically how we saw the relationship if Ben Gates ever showed up," Wibberley shared with the outlet. "She's basically Peter Parker to him and would be like, 'Oh, my God, it's Ben Gates! What do I do?' That's how our universe is. We would love to bring any of the other veterans if we get another season. We have roles for all of them."

Understandably, with Olivera stepping into an iconic franchise and having to be the focal point of the narrative after the acclaim earned by Cage and the original films, this brought with it both opportunities and challenges.

"It's a scary thought to have to follow someone's performance like Nic Cage," Olivera detailed to the outlet. "It was daunting, but I kept trying to reframe and focus as if it was just a challenge. I really loved the movies, and no part of me wanted to stray away from what they had already created. It was the same voices behind the movies -- the same producers, same writers, Trevor Rabin, who is the composer for the films, came back to also do our show -- so I knew I was in safe hands. They were guiding me, especially when I had my own doubts of what I was capable of."

Despite the franchise pivoting to Disney+, we can't rule out a third film quite yet, with series producer Jerry Bruckheimer sharing earlier this summer that a script has been passed along to Cage for a potential third installment.

Stay tuned for details on the future of the National Treasure franchise.

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