Netflix Queer Eye Fab 5 Loft LEGO Set Pre-Order Details


LEGO is continuing with their collection of television studio style sets with the 10291 Queer Eye Fab 5 loft, which is based on the iconic Netflix series. The design is inspired by the original loft from Season 1 and 2 of the show, and includes minifigures of Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Jonathan Van Ness - along with Bruley the dog of course. They even included fan favorite hero Kathi Dooley (Jonathan's music teacher) as pre and post makeover minifigures.

LEGO notes that the Queer Eye set is "created for adult fans who love stylish, modern design and elegant architecture." It features 974 pieces and tons of details for fans of the show - such as the 'STYLE, TASTE, CLASS' sign and accessories that are based on each of the Fab Five's talents. Examples include "a kitchen island for Antoni, a clothing rack for Tan, Jonathan's salon chair, Karamo's couch and Bobby's interior scheme."


The 10291 Queer Eye Fab 5 loft LEGO set will be available to pre-order right here at starting on October 1st (9pm PT / 12am ET on September 30th / October 1st) priced at $99.99. It joins other LEGO sets based on iconic TV series such as Friends and Seinfeld. It also follows the Everyone Is Awesome LGBTQ+ set that LEGO released earlier this year. 

Matthew Ashton, Vice President of Design at the LEGO Group and lead designer of the new set, collaborated with the Fab Five and had the following to say about the project:

"Queer Eye has had such a positive impact on so many people's lives which is why we are excited for this collaboration. It reminds us that we need to take time to celebrate kindness and help build each other up. In this set we've captured themes central to both the LEGO Group and the show - caring, creativity, learning and fun. While the Fab Five rebuild people's lives, we are on a mission to inspire people to get creative and help rebuild a more positive world."


"It's been an honour to work with the Queer Eye team and everything they represent. Our design team has really enjoyed recreating the Fab Five as LEGO minifigs; Tan was the biggest challenge. We didn't have an element that did his gorgeous hair justice, so we had to make an entirely new wig element - in shimmering silver of course! The team have also had fun packing the loft with easter eggs, including a 'Yaaas Queen' print for the kitchen, which if you look closely, features 'FAB 5' in the unique brush-stroke art," Ashton added.

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