Tina Casciani Promoted To Series Regular for Pandora Season 2

The CW's Pandora has promoted Tina Casciani to series regular for the science fiction series' upcoming second season. Casciani played Tierney, the leader of the criminal organization Hypatia Syndicate, on a recurring basis in the series' first season. The second season of Pandora is set to debut on the network on Sunday, October 4th. Casciani has previously appeared on Jane the Virgin, Revenge, Reckless, CSI, as well as the movies Bleed for This and Role Models.

Set in the year 2199, Pandora follows Jacqueline "Jax" Zhou (Priscilla Quintana) aka Pandora, a young woman who lost everything in an attack on the New Portland colony and returns to Earth where she joins the Space Training Academy. There she and her friends learn to defend the galaxy from a variety of threats -- both alien and human. However, secrets about her own identity begin to surface, secrets that involve the fate of the universe and her involvement with it.

"She’s been orphaned, she comes to earth, and meets this bunch of friends who go on adventures with her," series creator Mark A. Altman told Entertainment Weekly. "But there’s a secret that involves the fate of the universe and slowly we’re learning what it is that she has to accomplish but there’s huge, huge stakes involved."

According to Deadline, a daughter of the Howard Hughes-like industrialist, Harlan Fried, Casciani's Tierney has long sought to break away from her father’s shadow by living on the wrong side of the law. Intelligent, conniving, and charming, Tierney always has a card up her sleeve, and a knife at the ready just in case.

Season 2 of Pandora will see the return of Quintana as Jax as well as Oliver Dench as Captain Xander Duvall, John Harlan Kim as Greg Li, and Ben Radcliff as the alien, Ralen. Joining the cast are Akshay Kumar as Jett and Roxanne McKee as Jax's presumed dead mother, Eve.

You can check out the official Season 2 synopsis for Pandora below.

With time running out before the Universe is annihilated by an enigmatic alien race, only a misfit band of heroes – the "Pandora," Jax (Priscilla Quintana), along with her friends, Captain Xander Duvall (Oliver Dench) and the alien Ralen (Ben Radcliffe), can save us all from destruction.


Pandora Season 2 premieres Sunday, October 4th on The CW.

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