Prime Video's Newest Series Is Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

After years of being in development, Paper Girls finally arrived to television this weekend, with the eight-episode first season of the series arriving on Prime Video. The show brings to life Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang's beloved Image Comics series of the same name, taking fans on a genre-bending, time-traveling thrill rideone that has apparently resonated with critics. After initially debuting on Rotten Tomatoes with a perfect 100% positive score, Paper Girls is now "Certified Fresh" on the platform, with an 87% positive rating and a total of 38 reviews.

Paper Girls follows four young girls who, while out delivering papers on the morning after Halloween in 1988, become unwittingly caught in a conflict between warring factions of time-travelers, sending them on an adventure through time that will save the world. As they travel between our present, the past, and the future — they encounter future versions of themselves and now must choose to embrace or reject their fate.

"This is not our first time, " Vaughan told with a laugh at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, when asked about adapting the series. "It's been the best so far. Just seeing how much people love the comic, and comic fans, as I'm sure you well know, are not always happy with adaptations. And there's just been, from the moment I think the first images these guys dropped, everyone was like, 'Wow, they got it exactly right.' You can just tell the tone and the heart of it, so just seeing the way people already embraced it without having seen a minute of it, it's been breathtaking."

The series stars Sofia Rosinsky as Mac Coyle, Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin, Riley Lai Nelet as Erin Tieng, Fina Strazza as KJ Brandman,  Ali Wong as Adult Erin, Nate Corddry as Larry, Adina Porter as the Prioress, and Jason Mantzoukas as Grandfather.

"Here's what I'll say: I started reading Paper Girls when it came out and within the first couple of issues, I was like, 'This could be a TV show,'" Mantzoukas told "I told my agents, I said, "Will you see if Brian K. Vaughan will talk to me? I would be interested in adapting this or helping adapt this. Is there any way?" Not talking about me being Grandfather, that had nothing to do with it. It was just, I love this, I think this could be something that could work just on a serialized storytelling way."

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The first season of Paper Girls is now available to stream exclusively on Prime Video.