Quibi Reveals Creepy Slate of "Quick Bites of Fright" in Honor of Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, most people are locking in the various horror movies and TV series they aim to watch throughout October, yet some of those projects come with serious time commitments, with Quibi coming in to make sure you can maximize your horror viewing throughout the month with a number of frightening experiences. Given that all Quibi series are meant to be consumed in short periods of time, no matter where you're going or what you're doing, you'll be able to find time for 50 States of Fright, The Stranger, or Murder House Flip, as well as all-new programs like The Expecting, Last Looks, or Murder Unboxed.

Per press release, "Every day this fall, Quibi is delivering bite-size tricks and treats to frighten up your Halloween season. Sample from over 100 thrilling episodes, with brand-new content dropping every single day in October. From horror, to mystery, to true-crime, Quibi has everything to make you scream where you stream: Executive producer Sam Raimi digs into more states -- and more homespun horror -- with 50 States of Fright; AnnaSophia Robb takes morning sickness to an unholy new level in The Expecting, directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho); Last Looks, narrated by Dakota Fanning, investigates the real crimes that rattled the fashion industry; and Murder Unboxed dusts off evidence from chilling, real-life murder cases."

The full breakdown of thrilling Quibi content in October is as follows:

50 States of Fright - New episodes available weekly

  • In an expanding travelogue of terror, Sam Raimi’s 50 States of Fright explores stories based on urban legends from Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, and Washington, taking viewers deeper into the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of our country.

The Expecting - Premieres October 5th

  • When a down-on-her-luck waitress suffers disturbing effects from her pregnancy, she embarks on a dark journey to uncover the potential conspiracy surrounding it.

Last Looks - October 12th

  • Narrated and executive produced by Dakota Fanning, Last Looks investigates the real crimes that have shaken the fashion industry. Featuring in-depth interviews, evocative recreations, and immersive timelines, Last Looks charts the sequence of events that led to the crime, and explores each scandal’s impact on society and culture.

Murder Unboxed - October 19th

  • What do a bottle of brandy, a toaster, a pile of cash, and a Bourne Supremacy DVD have to do with murder? Quibi’s new true crime series, Murder Unboxed, reveals the connections by dusting off the boxes of evidence from outlandish and real-life murder cases. Mimicking the style of popular online “unboxing” videos, each episode takes a new case and introduces seemingly unrelated evidence - one item at a time. Through interviews with the actual investigators, prosecutors, and witnesses of each case, along with stylized recreations, the crazy story of how these random items came together to solve the crime unfolds. Full of twists, turns, and red herrings, each case plays out like a game of “Clue,” a real whodunit that has viewers playing along and guessing until the very end.

The Stranger - Currently streaming

  • From Veena Sud, acclaimed creator of The Killing, comes an edge-of-your-seat ride through one life-changing night. New to Los Angeles, rideshare driver Clare (Maika Monroe) picks up Carl (Dane DeHaan) from a home deep in the Hollywood Hills. What begins as a routine ride turns into Clare’s worst nightmare: a 12-hour fight for survival through the city’s seedy underbelly. Carl is not the passenger Clare thought he was, and Clare is not easy prey…

When the Streetlights Go On - Currently streaming

  • After the murder of a beautiful young girl rocks a suburban community, the victim’s sister and her high school peers must struggle to find a sense of normalcy while coming of age in the midst of the murder investigation.

50 States of Fright: Part 1 - Currently streaming

  • 50 States of Fright explores stories based on urban legends from Michigan, Kansas, Oregon, Minnesota, and Florida taking viewers deeper into the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of our country.

Murder House Flip - Currently streaming

  • From the Executive Producer of CSI, Murder House Flip is an unconventional new home renovation show that takes on the country’s most infamous homes: the ones known for mysterious murders committed behind their walls. Homeowners turn to high-end renovation experts, Mikel Welch and Joelle Uzyel, to remove the stains of the past and take these homes from morbid to marvelous.

Stay tuned for details on Quibi programming.

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