Lili Reinhart Shoots Down Possible 'Riverdale' Love Triangle

The relationships on Riverdale this season have been complicated. Archie and Veronica as well as [...]

The relationships on Riverdale this season have been complicated. Archie and Veronica as well as Betty and Jughead have both fallen apart and come back together again, complete with Betty and Archie sharing a kiss while both were, briefly, single.

While things are seemingly in a more positive place for both couples, that hasn't stopped fans from wondering if the show will explore a love triangle, but according to series star Lili Reinhart, it's not something fans should expect. Reinhart, who plays Betty on The CW series, recently told Vulture a love triangle or even a love rectangle isn't something that's necessary.

"I don't think it's necessary," Reinhart said. "Fans are interested and fans want to see a little jealousy in relationships and drama, but I don't feel there's any room for a triangle right now."

Realistically, Reinhart isn't wrong. The kids of Riverdale have a lot to deal with. While the Black Hood mystery appears to have been solved (even if we know it really hasn't been) there's still an awful lot going on. Betty's long-lost brother Chic is in the picture and has brought some significant drama to her life -- drama that includes Betty helping hide a dead body. Adding a love triangle would just add one more thing to the craziness of Riverdale and probably wouldn't go well for Betty, who already struggles to deal with stress. Reinhart says that relationship drama would just be too much.

"These characters have so much going on and so much other deep-rooted and serious issues that relationship drama would detract from that," she explained. "Especially in the last episode, Betty walking in on a man bleeding out of his head on the floor, there are bigger fish to fry. She's definitely going to lean on Jughead in the coming episodes to deal with that, and if there was relationship drama it would be too much."

Everything being challenging and overwhelming in Riverdale isn't just a solid reason why fans won't get to see a love triangle, either. While fans have been hoping that perhaps Betty might show up on the upcoming Netflix Sabrina series, Reinhart shot that idea down as well. While there are other reasons why Betty won't be crossing over, Reinhart said that it's okay Betty stays on Riverdale simply because of all the crazy currently going on.

"So, I'd say don't expect Betty to be in that world." Reinhart added. "And that's totally okay, because she's got her own sh*t going on in Riverdale."

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.