'Riverdale' Star Teases "Twisted" and "Naughtier" Season 2

Everything leading up to the second season debut of Riverdale next week has pointed to The CW drama taking a darker and more sinister tone and according to the show's Betty Cooper things aren't just darker. They're "twisted" and "naughtier," too.

In a recent interview Lili Reinhart told Teen Vogue that while she's felt the pressure to live up to the show's first season, things are very different heading into season two and fans will quickly be swept into the new story lines.

"Season two is a lot more twisted in a way, and just kind of naughtier and sexier," Reinhart said. "But, also just more messed up. It's on a whole other level, and fans are going to get really sucked right into these new story lines and these relationship problems."

Fans of Riverdale already know that the second season will see Betty and Jughead's "Bughead" relationship texted and challenged, but that's not the only complicated relationship in Betty's world. At the end of last season there was a bit of a cliffhanger regarding her brother -- namely that she has one. Casting news for the long-lost Cooper son was recently announced and while Reinhart didn't speak specifically about that specific storyline, she did talk about Betty is the center of a new mystery and it's one that will show audiences a new side to Betty Cooper.

"I'm so happy that we're able to dive deep and show this different, whole new side of Betty, this broken side of Betty," Reinhart said. "You just see her world expanding a little bit. You see her darkness come to the surface. You see so many different layers and sides of her."

Reinhart clarifies, though, that fans shouldn't just expect "Dark Betty" with the black wig from last season to pop back up. The darkness Betty is dealing with in season two is more about personal demons and darkness rising to the surface.


"It's more than just a black wig," she said. "It's Betty's internal darkness coming to light. Her internal struggles and her anxieties and her demons are coming out, as much as she tries on a daily basis to push them don and ignore them."

Riverdale's second season will premiere on a new night, on Wednesday, October 11th, at 8/7c, on The CW.

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