Riverdale Recap With Spoilers: Sex, Lies, and Evil Spirits in "Hereditary"

Riverdale has dealt with family drama in some surprising ways thus far in Season 4 -- and it looks like this week's episode is no exception. This week's installment brought some pretty significant revelations for essentially every member of the show's main ensemble, which ranged from the creepy to the downright bonkers. Here's what you need to know about this week's installment, "Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary".


Jughead has writer's block around the Baxter Brothers contest, and meets with Betty to talk about it. He investigates the books, and argues that the first book was written by a different ghostwriter than DuPont. He speculates that it could've been his grandfather, but Betty doesn't fully believe him. Jughead later finds that his grandfather's writing was torn out of the student literary magazine, which leads him to believe that someone is trying to cover up all of his work. Betty suggests they go through the archives at Riverdale High, where Jughead's grandfather went after leaving Stonewall. They eventually find a story in one of Riverdale's literary journals, in which Jughead's grandfather wrote a story similar to the first Baxter Brothers novel, way before the book was actually published. Jughead confronts DuPont about this, and he denies it, threatening to nearly expel Jughead. Jughead brings his information to Chipping, who agrees to help. In class the next day, Chipping apologizes for not being able to help Jughead and throws himself out of a window. DuPont soon becomes the substitute for Jughead's class.

Cheryl has a nightmare about her family putting Julian's soul into her body. Toni gets upset that Cheryl is refusing to go to school, and she eventually agrees -- but only after drawing a circle of salt around the Julian doll. At school, Cheryl is informed that there was an accident at Thistlehouse, where one of the twins nearly choked to death. Cheryl returns to the house and finds that the doll has escaped the salt circle, and is now sitting on top of Jason's corpse. Cheryl's aunt, uncle, and cousin suddenly arrive, causing her to faint. The extended family reveals that they want to sell the maple syrup business and Thistlehouse, and Cheryl reluctantly agrees. The family then asks if they can visit the family chapel, but Cheryl refuses, and also refuses to sign away the business. Cheryl later drowns the Julian doll in a vat of water, in an attempt to kill the spirit once and for all. The extended family later revisit and claim that Cheryl is clinically insane. Cheryl and Toni later find that the uncle has broken into the chapel and found Jason and Julian. He threatens to kill her, but Toni knocks him on the head. The aunt arrives the next day and asks about the uncle's whereabouts, but Cheryl denies everything.

Betty tells Kevin the rather boring information she's gathered about Charles, and comes to a potential epiphany. It leads to her visiting Chic Cooper in prison, and asking if he and Charles really did live together. He confirms as much and then reveals that Charles previously stabbed a guy while on Jingle Jangle. Betty confronts Charles about this information, and asks him to take a polygraph test. Betty administers the polygraph test, and Charles argues that Chic was the one who committed the murder. Charles admits that he's a recovering drug addict, and attends weekly meetings at his gym. Betty is later confronted by Charles, FP, and Alice, who reveal that Chic told his lawyer about the shady man's murder. FP and Charles "take care" of the remaining evidence around the shady man. Betty then apologizes to Charles for all of this, to begin with. Charles visits Chic in prison, and reveals that this was all part of their plan -- and that they're romantically involved with each other.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • Hiram and Hermosa meet with Hermione and Veronica, and suggest that the family attempt to move on together. Hiram announces that he's going to get into the rum business, and Veronica reveals that Hermione is going to be a hostess at the speakeasy. Hermosa and Hiram show up at the speakeasy on Hermione's first night there, which makes her nervous. Hiram later visits Hermione late at night and begins to undress, trying to convince her to get back together with him. Hermione eventually consents. Veronica later discovers that Hiram has moved back in, which upsets her. Hiram argues that Veronica is secretly jealous of Hermosa. Hermosa later visits Veronica and argues that Hiram is a good person, and reveals that Hiram and Hermione are renewing their vows. Hiram commissions a portrait of Hermosa, which is hung in place of Veronica's old portrait. Veronica refuses to attend the vow renewal ceremony.
  • Archie and FP help prevent a kid from being recruited in Dodger's gang, helping him get a job at Pop's. Dodger clearly seems unhappy about that, and appears to break in and trash the community center. FP offers to try to raid Dodger's hideout and find evidence to arrest him, but turns up nothing. Archie meets a few of Dodger's recruits, who argue that they're employed in the gang because they get paid in pizza and arcade credits. Betty and Veronica offer to help the community center get more attention. Hiram later visits the community center, offering to make a charitable donation in Fred's honor, but Archie turns it down. Veronica later offers to cater food from Pop's for the community center, to convince the local kids to show up. It draws a lot of kids to the community center, which leads to Dodger confronting Archie. Dodger accuses Archie of being the guy in the mask, and he accidentally admits it. Archie later returns home to find a mask on the door, and tells Mary that they need to leave. The house is then hit by a drive-by shooting, but Archie and Mary aren't injured. Archie later meets with Hiram and asks for help in stopping Dodger, but he refuses. The next day, Archie and Reggie find a bloody rug outside of the community center -- with Dodger wrapped inside of it, nearly dead.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.