Bruce Springsteen Says The Whole E Street Band Is In Saturday Night Live Cast

Bruce Springsteen says that the entire E Street Band will be in the cast for Saturday Night Live [...]

Bruce Springsteen says that the entire E Street Band will be in the cast for Saturday Night Live tonight. In a YouTube video promoting tonight's episode, host Timothy Chalamet and Cecily Strong talk to the group. One member jokes about wanting to play Dr. Fauci, who was famously played by Brad Pitt late last season. It's going to be a fun outing as the holiday season rolls on. Just yesterday, Springsteen talked to Jimmy Fallon about the anniversary of one of his Christmas covers. The legend was in the mood to reflect on a long career that's seen him chronicle life for a legion of adoring fans. Chalamet is a big draw for viewers this weekend, but you can never really discount how crowd-pleasers like Springsteen will affect the ratings. It's going to be hard to top Dave Chappelle's appearance over election weekend, but SNL is going to try.

"I always liked music where the singer sounded happy and sad simultaneously," Springsteen told Fallon last night. "Those are kind of songs that I like, that I think hit the deepest — if you're lucky enough to write one or a small group of them — and Letter to You kind of strikes that balance. It's a record I'm really proud of."

Netflix released a special about The Boss's life. Check out what they had to say about that down below.

"The purpose of the film is to bring this incredibly intimate show to Bruce's entire audience intact and complete," Springsteen's manager, Jon Landeau, wrote in a statement. "In addition to its many other virtues, Netflix has provided for a simultaneous worldwide release which is particularly important for our massive international audience. Ted Sarandos and the entire company's support has been a perfect match for Bruce's personal commitment to the filmed version of Springsteen on Broadway."

"We are thrilled to bring Bruce Springsteen -- a master storyteller, humanitarian and voice of the everyman -- to Netflix in this historic one man show," Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos added. "This groundbreaking experience defies the boundaries of theater, concerts and film and will give our global audience an intimate look at one of the biggest cultural icons of our time."

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