Sons of Anarchy Star Teases Potential Return to Franchise

Sons of Anarchy came to a bloody, heartbreaking end back in 2014. Fans watched as the show's lead character, Jax Teller, opted to end his own life in an effort to save both his family and the club. In the years since, the man who played Jax has gone on to be a much bigger star. Charlie Hunnam has starred in studio blockbusters and indie darlings since hanging up his helmet at the end of Sons of Anarchy, but a return to the franchise could be in the cards, as improbable as that seems.

Hunnam recently spoke to Access Hollywood and revealed that he may be discussing a way to a Jax Teller comeback. According to the actor, he's in the early stages of "exploring" a franchise return.

"I have an idea that I'm exploring in its infancy where that could be a possibility," Hunnam explained. "It would be something that I would be incredibly excited about, so we're sort of, like I said, in the infancy of exploring the viability of the idea."

Fans would undoubtedly love to see Hunnam reprise his role as Jax Teller, but it would be difficult to figure out exactly how he'd do it. Jax's death in Sons of Anarchy wasn't exactly left up in the air. Not only was his death pretty definitive, but it has also played a big part in the franchise going forward. Mayans M.C., a spinoff series to Sons of Anarchy, takes place after the events of the original series. The relationship between the Sons and Mayans clubs is largely formed by Jax's death, and his actions during his final days.

Jax Teller can't just show up on Mayans M.C. and pretend like he never died. That won't happen. But that doesn't mean there isn't another way back for the actor. He could always have a flashback story arc on Mayans M.C. that takes place during the years of Sons of Anarchy. There could also be an entire spinoff series that takes place earlier on the timeline, allowing Jax to be involved.


No matter what, it's going to be hard to bring Jax Teller back into the fold. But Charlie Hunnam sounds like he might be up for the challenge.

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