Star Wars: The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Fan Film Shows How Hard It Can Be To Parent

Over the past year and some change, the Star Wars universe has gotten a lot of new attention thanks to one pint-sized character -- Baby Yoda. The creature, who is nicknamed "The Child" within the events of Disney+'s Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, has launched thousands of memes and some hefty toy sales, something that has only grown with each new adorable thing he does in a new episode. One of the joys of the series has been seeing how Baby Yoda interacts with his surrogate father, Din Djarin/The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal). An endearing fan film from The Warp Zone takes this dynamic a step further, bringing a self-aware documentary short of The Mandalorian's parenting skills.

The video takes the pair's father-son dynamic into some wildly different directions, including mishaps trying to feed Baby Yoda food, to him working at a restaurant counter in an attempt to earn more money. While this might be a bit more domestic than the high-octane events of The Mandalorian, it still is a pretty charming alternate universe.

“I know what the show is about – it's called The Mandalorian, so that sort of takes care of that,” Carl Weathers, who directed The Mandalorian's most recent episode, said in a recent interview. “But his sidekick, his ward, his little being that accompanies him on his journey, has this sweetness, this obviously childlike quality that we all love in little ones, before they can say 'no!' and throw things and have tantrums. When I read the script, one of my comments was to ask John to put more of the Baby in there.”

“The journey that we're on is fraught with danger and is very action-oriented, and there's a lot of weapons-fire and bad guys going down and chases and all that good stuff, explosions – it's like a panoply of all the good stuff in action movies,” Weathers added. “But there's also the Baby – this gentler, softer, sweeter side that comes out of everyone who interacts with him. And that to me was just a wonderful balance. Jon crafted these scenes so beautifully. I'm a fan of the Kid, I'm a real fan. I'd love to see more of him.”

What do you think of this Baby Yoda-themed fan film for The Mandalorian? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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