DC's Stargirl Recap With Spoilers: Courtney Faces the Truth in "Shining Knight"

Last week on DC's Stargirl, Courtney and the JSA were dealt the most devastating blow to date when Henry King, Jr. was murdered right before their eyes by his own father, Brainwave, when the young man chose the side of heroes. It was a stunning moment that will have major impact on the young heroes, but there's another stunner in store as well. Last week, Barbara reached out to Courtney's father via email and received a response that went unread. How will Henry's death and this renewed communication with the man who may be Courtney's father play out? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap for this week's "Shining Knight" to find out.

Warning: Spoilers for this week's episode of DC's Stargirl, "Shining Knight", below.

The episode opens with Justin the Janitor watching horses in a field, asking the owner about a "gallant white steed". The owner tells him to leave, calling him a "crazy old freak." A confused, troubled Justin walks away but has a vision of Pat as Stripesy and he realizes that Stripesy can help him. Meanwhile, a bus rolls into Blue Valley and a man gets off, then heads to the Whitmore/Dugan house.

In the basement, Courtney is devastated by Henry Jr.'s death while Barbara and Pat try to figure out their next move. Pat tells her to take Courtney -- and Mike -- and leave. He also tells Barbara that she needs to go about her day like everything is normal lest Jordan realize they're onto him. Mike comes downstairs. Someone is there to see Courtney and that someone turns out to be Sam Kurtis -- Courtney's real father. Courtney doesn't handle this well and tries to say he's not her father and suddenly has major questions about being Stargirl, blaming herself for Joey and Henry's deaths.

Courtney agrees to go for a walk with Sam and asks him questions about where he's been and as he talks, she has some memories of the last time she saw him. He ends up taking her to breakfast. Meanwhile, at the garage, Pat talks to Beth and Rick -- Yolanda went to church to pray for Henry -- and tells them about Courtney and her father. While they talk, Justin shows up with his sword. Justin starts to hallucinate that Pat is Dragon King and tries to fight him, but Pat recognizes Justin and talks him down.

At Jordan's office, Brainwave is waiting for him and reveals that Courtney is Stargirl and that he plans to go kill both Courtney and Pat. Jordan says no, but Brainwave figures out that it is because of Courtney's mom. He also reveals that he may have absorbed Henry Jr.'s powers so now he can reprogram half the country, not just six states. Back at the garage, Pat explains to Rick and Beth that Justin is the Shining Knight, part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Unfortunately, Justin doesn't remember but Pat asks him to tell the story of how he got his sword, Excalibur. But when Pat asks him how he got to Blue Valley, Justin says he was following the dragon and that he fell, was captured, and they stole his identity -- and that he fears they will do it to them all.

At home, Pat tells Barbara that he thinks the ISA is planning a mass brainwashing while Justin rests on the couch. Courtney and Sam return and the truth to his visit comes out. He wants Courtney's locket. It turns out that they are very, very valuable and he wants to sell them. He tells her it's to get his own place so she can come visit. Courtney realizes that's all he wanted so she gives him the locket and he leaves. Courtney goes inside and just hugs Pat and cries. Pat later catches up to Sam and punches him. Courtney goes to the basement, but the Cosmic Staff now won't work for her.

Jordan discovers that Barbara has been researching Starman. At school, Courtney tells her friends she's not Stargirl and that the Staff no longer works for her. The school has an assembly for Henry and his father speaks during which he telepathically threatens Courtney, confirming that he remembers who she is. At home, Pat tries to tell Courtney the Staff always knew the truth about her and believes in her -- and now is just waiting for her to believe in herself again because heroes can come from anywhere.

Pat gives Courtney some time alone with the Staff and she soon comes up and asks both Pat and Barbara to come downstairs with her. With their support, Courtney reaches out for the Staff once more. This time, it comes alive stronger and brighter than ever before. Justin comes witnesses this and declares "our queen is arisen."

And, as the episode closes, Jordan goes to the ISA lair and tells Brainwave to kill them all -- Courtney, Pat, Barbara, and Mike. A clock counts down to the launch of Project New America.


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