Stephen King's The Jaunt Being Adapted by Fear the Walking Dead Co-Creator

Author Stephen King has given readers hundreds of terrifying tales in all shapes and forms, whether they be novels or short stories, with the latest of his works to be adapted being his short story "The Jaunt," which was featured in an issue of The Twilight Zone Magazine. and in the collection Skeleton Crew The series is being adapted by Dave Erickson, who audiences know from his work co-creating Fear the Walking Dead. No details have been revealed about where the series will debut or when we can expect production to move forward, but with the number of King adaptations on the way in the coming months, fans can likely be patient as we wait for updates.

Deadline details that the story "explores a future where teleportation, called 'jaunting,' has become a commonplace, if still dangerous and mysterious, technology."

"We've long admired Dave's visionary creative work and are thrilled to welcome him to MRC," Elise Henderson, President of MRC Television, shared in a statement. "A true master of his craft, he's the ideal partner to build upon the work of Stephen King, and create and develop more originals as the studio continues to expand."

King's stories first started being published back in the '70s, with his debut shortly being followed by live-action adaptations of his works being developed for both movies and TV. Throughout the '80s and '90s, most King TV projects were developed as limited events, as only a handful of episodes were required to tell an entire story. Recent years, however, have seen some King projects be adapted into open-ended experiences.

The author previously noted how much he's been enjoying the recent TV adaptations of his stories, as they've been able to accomplish things that were made nearly impossible in previous decades.

"In terms of the culture, there's a lot more freedom," the author pointed out of more recent adaptations to The Washington Post. "There's a lot more ability to go where things didn't used to go. When I think back to some of the miniseries that I did for ABC in the '70s and the '80s, even the early '90s, things have changed considerably. There's a lot more freedom and room to spread, thanks to streaming. You can actually tell a novel now. Mr. Mercedes, is a good example of that. The three seasons adapt all three books of the trilogy, which is an amazing thing."

Stay tuned for details on the adaptation of "The Jaunt."


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