Steven Universe: The Movie Reveals New Poster, Teases Time Jump

More details continue to trickle in about the upcoming Steven Universe film, Steven Universe: The Movie. While it had already been revealed as a musical, and a list of contributors -- including Chance The Rapper -- had been announced, we hadn't actually seen a poster or any character designs for the new movie. Until now.

As initially revealed by EW, Steven Universe: The Movie's official debut poster features a number of interesting additions to the series' lore. Perhaps most notably, the poster shows off the unnamed villain of the film as they loom over the Crystal Gems and Beach City. Additionally, it would appear that Steven himself has aged, putting the film at some point after the last season. There also seems to be new construction going on, both on the beach itself and what appears to be the farm.

You can check out the official poster below:

Per EW, here's the official logline for the film: "Steven thinks his time defending the Earth is over, but when a new threat comes to Beach City, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet."

The most recent season of Steven Universe concluded with the majority of its plots wrapped up as the Diamonds returned to Earth in order to heal the corrupted Gems. Given that this was the major conflict of the series, the film announcement left much room for speculation -- but the reveal of a potential time jump answers a lot of lingering questions.


For those that might be unfamiliar with Steven Universe, it revolves around a team called The Crystal Gems, a group of magical beings from space who defend the Earth. Steven is actually half-human and half-Gem, and is largely treated like a little brother throughout the majority of the series as he learns to use his abilities and trust his instincts. While he might not always be as skilled or powerful as teammates Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet, he often finds a uniquely Steven way to save the day.

Steven Universe: The Movie is scheduled to debut later this year on Cartoon Network, and will release on DVD afterwards. A definitive release date has not yet been shared, but San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is just around the bend, so it could be announced during that event.

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