Steven Universe's Excellent TV Score Is Finally Getting an Official Release

Cartoon Network today announced that the Steven Universe original television score, consisting of dozens and dozens of instrumental tracks, will finally officially be released. Five albums, with over 150 unreleased instrumental tracks, will begin releasing over the next several months -- beginning later this month on May 29th. It would appear that the albums are going to be broken up based on season, which means that this month is like the first.

Historically, the instrumental tracks for the series have not been available on streaming services and the like. The only exception here being the soundtrack for the movie, which included several instrumental tracks in addition to the vocal tracks. Composers aivi & surasshu have sometimes shared various tracks online, but Spotify and similar services have not had them available. That all changes soon. Additionally, Cartoon Network has revealed that the soundtrack for the epilogue series Steven Universe Future will release in October.

Steven Universe, the show, concluded with the airing of epilogue series Steven Universe Future's four-part series finale in March. As noted above, the original television score is set to release over the coming months beginning on May 29th. The soundtrack for Steven Universe Future is scheduled to release in October. You can also check out all of our previous coverage of Steven Universe right here.

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