'Stranger Things' Star David Harbour Officiates Fans' Wedding in Hopper Costume

Earlier this year, Twitter user @ErickaElizabth asked Stranger Things star David Harbour how many retweets she'd need to get for the fan-favorite actor to officiate her wedding.

Harbour responded saying that if she get over 125,000 retweets, he'd get ordained and officiate the wedding. Lo and behold, Ericka ended up getting over 132,000 retweets and believe it or not, Harbour held up his end of the bargain.

Over the weekend, Harbour officiated Ericka's wedding in his full Chief Jim Hopper attire.

"Hey internet. I know it's been awhile. I retreated. Needed some space. You probably get it. But I've been thinking about ya in the interim," Harbour tweeted. "And all your retweets. And so me and some fun folks in Springfield, Illinoise made good on our promise we made all those months ago."

Okay, how cool is that though?

As far as Hopper goes, Harbour is excited for season three of Stranger Things, which happens to be filming right now.


"I wish I could characterize the season, but to me it's so big," Harbour said. "For example, did you find last season to be darker? There were certainly elements of it that were scary, but I thought there was also a lot of fun, a lot of joy and a lot of silliness, with Steve being a dad and the kids as Ghostbusters. Just taking my story, for example, it's fun to see Hopper having adopted Eleven. She's become legitimized in the society, in the world of Hawkins. And he's a father now. He's raising a teenage daughter, with all that that entails. So I think that can be pretty funny to see his inadequacies in all of this."

Stranger Things Season 3 is set to arrive on Netflix in 2019.