Supergirl: Alex Becomes a Vigilante in Season 5 Finale

Supergirl's Season 5 finale on Sunday may not exactly be where The CW series had expected to end its season thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, but it's one that will see some major twists for the Arrowverse show and its heroes just the same -- including for Supergirl's own sister, Alex Danvers. Series star Chyler Leigh says that the episode, "Immortal Kombat", will see Alex embrace a whole new role complete with a brand-new look as a masked vigilante alongside the rest of National City's heroes.

"She us coming in with a whole new look," Leigh told TV Guide. "For her, as she says in the episode that just aired, it's like she never felt so exposed. And so, when Kelly (Azie Tesfai) does mention the whole mask idea, it brings up a lot of figuring out to do [with] how to conceal her identity. Because even Lex knows who she is, and she's got to figure out now how to go about all this without being known and kind of embracing the new norm, if you will. You can see some really cool stuff that Alex can do, even with her new weapon, and how that incorporates with the new -- I don't want to say costume or outfit -- super suit, if you will."

As Leigh said, the most-recently aired episode of Supergirl, "The Missing Link" saw Alex's girlfriend Kelly suggest that in order to carry out her heroic work, she suits up and become a vigilante herself. That by itself is an exciting thought, but it becomes even more tantalizing when one considers that Alex has already suited up this season on Supergirl. In "Alex in Wonderland", thanks to the Obsidian Platinum technology fans got to see what things might look like if it were Alex who had Kryptonian powers instead of Kara (Melissa Benoist) -- complete with her blue and black suit.

While that wasn't "real" it definitely offered a taste of what Super Alex could be like and, according to Leigh, the finale will give fans a chance to see what the real Alex will do when she embraces her vigilante side after dealing with all the changes in her life this season.


"It's definitely jarring for her, especially where we see that the DEO gets decimated," Leigh said. "That was really where Alex became who she is. And so, for her, it's a huge personal loss. Alex never backs down from a challenge, and she will always find a way to keep fighting for what's right and for her family. And so, she gets an opportunity to really switch things up and she takes it as so. She takes it as an opportunity, and you get to see her have some fun with it in [the finale]. You get to see that she really embraces a new persona and a whole new way to fight alongside her super friends."

Supergirl airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW. The Season 5 finale, "Immortal Kombat", airs May 17th.