When Is Supergirl Season 5 on Netflix?

Supergirl's fifth season came to a close on Sunday night and the episode left things in a shocking [...]

Supergirl's fifth season came to a close on Sunday night and the episode left things in a shocking place. Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Supergirl like many of The CW's other shows had a slightly shortened season. For Supergirl, that meant that "Immortal Kombat" would stand as the season finale, complete with a stunning cliffhanger that will keep fans wondering what's next for National City's heroes until the show's return mid-season 2021. If you're looking to rewatch the season to help pass the time or haven't yet caught up on everything Supergirl, you won't have too long to wait. As part of The CW's deal with Netflix, Season 5 of Supergirl will be available on Netflix on Monday, May 25th.

The latest season of the series saw Supergirl not only brought into the main, Arrowverse world with the creation of Earth-Prime in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" but saw her face off with a dangerous and potentially world-ending foe, Leviathan, while also having to deal with the threat of Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) once again -- with the villain potentially being in a better position to take down Supergirl than ever before.

"The Supergirl folks have talked to me because we couldn't shoot our last episode," Cryer explained. "We had shot some of the last episode, and they're gonna use some of that footage, but they're writing a whole bunch of new stuff around it. Which is interesting because the way my character was thwarted now doesn't happy anymore. So, I was like, 'Oh, did I not get defeated? Wait a minute, I like this!' Supervillains, we relish our chance to actually not be defeated every now and then."

Series star Jesse Rath, who plays Querl Dox/Brainiac 5, also teased a surprising end to Season 5.

"Now, instead of it ending with [Episode 20], we're going to end on [Episode 19] and that works out I think because 19 is such a strong episode. It's an epic episode and it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger whereas 20, we would take 20 to resolve and bring everything back down to earth," Rath said. "Things will also be up at the air at the end of the season and you'll have to wait for Season 6 to finally see how all the cards fell."

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