Superman & Lois Showrunners: Lois's Story Will Drive The Season

Superman & Lois returns tonight, and the season premiere starts with Clark Kent and Lois Lane in a really good place. Audiences will get to see what things are like between the super-couple in the best of times, which is setting the two up for the threats that are coming in the next few weeks. With a new actor playing Jon Kent, starting the family as a tight-knit unit is also good because it gives the show a chance to hone actor chemistry, and to make sure the "new Jon" fits into the family dynamic as Smallville recovers from their brush with Bizarro World in Season 2.

Executive producers/showrunners Todd Helbing and Brent Fletcher caught up with, and told us that they wanted to start out with relative peace before introducing the season's conflict (as opposed to last season, when they more or less started out with a rampage by a Doomsday-like shrouded creature). They also promised that while there will be plenty of superhero action, it will be Lois Lane's story that determines the direction of the season.

"I think Lois's story kind of drove everything else this season," Helbing told "We didn't really want to separate [Lois and Clark] too much, particularly because of what's happening."

"It's more of the two of them together than as parents, as a couple, as employees," Fletcher said. "They are in it together and it just adds a depth to that relationship that we feel is important and earned."

Fletcher added that it was "very important" to start the season with Clark and Lois in a really good place, so they can be prepared to take on what's next.

"In our mind's eye, we think their marriage is the ideal," Fletcher said. "These are two people that love each other immensely, and even when the world's falling apart and they have problems with their kids and their marriage, it's still a very solid foundation. We put them through so much [last season], we wanted the audience to get a little bit of the joy of what that looks like in the best of times. That, for us. is exciting and foundational, and so that was why we decided to tell it that way. "

Superman & Lois returns tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the series premiere of Gotham Knights on The CW.