'Supernatural' Fans Donate Money To Help Cancer Patient

Supernatural star Jim Beaver, who plays hunting veteran Bobby Singer on the long-running [...]

Supernatural star Jim Beaver, who plays hunting veteran Bobby Singer on the long-running paranormal drama, enlisted fans to help his great-niece with mounting medical bills.

Kira Stanley
(Photo: Kira Stanley)

Kira Stanley, 16, of Encinitas, California, is battling Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma — a rare, deadly and inoperable form of brain cancer, per the San Diego Union-Tribune — causing her parents, Wendy and Robert Stanley, to turn to an experimental study in Monterrey, Mexico.

With Kira's condition not covered by the $300,000 plus price tag on the treatment that could last years, her great uncle sought help from his more than 1.3 million social media followers.

Fans, dubbed the "#SPNfamily," have donated $311,000 dollars and counting on the family's GoFundMe account. More than 7,000 people have contributed to the $450,000 dollar goal in two months.

Beaver originally helped raise nearly $100,000 in just half a day after posts shared to his Twitter and Facebook pages.

"I'm so touched, grateful, and unsurprised at my friends and fans and their generosity," Beaver wrote in a November tweet.

Kira has also received an outpouring of love and support from Supernatural fans, who have sent along cards, letters, hand-knit hats and scarves, and other personal items to Kira's hospital room.

"What I've discovered, is when you put it out there, what comes back is so filled with blessings, so filled with goodwill, so rich in human kindness, that we should all get away from our cultural predisposition to keep things quiet," Beaver said.

The GoFundMe describes the teen as "very optimistic and happy" despite the inoperable brain tumor, which escalated from vision issues to headaches to dizziness.

Severe headaches and an MRI lead to the discovery of a tumor attached to Kira's brain stem.

"Any funds raised will be used to cover medical bills and ultimately the clinical trials and experimental treatments that will be needed to fight this," reads the GoFundMe.

"At this point her current treatment will be a combination chemo therapies and immunotherapy which will be supported by cancer fighting dietary changes. Treatments range from $17k to $32k per treatment. We have been advised that it will cost around $350k for one year of therapy and drugs."

The fundraiser includes pictures of Kira in the hospital, as well as past pictures of Kira engaging in her favorite hobby: surfing.

Less than 350 cases of the rare pediatric cancer are diagnosed each year.

Beaver's wife, actress Cecily Adams, passed away from cancer in 2004.

"What I learned in the years since my wife's illness is that if you happen to be on a popular TV show, that circle of people who love and support you multiplies by the millions," the actor said.

"Love and generosity transcends all kinds of boundaries, even the boundaries of who you know and who you don't know."

Supernatural is now airing its 13th season on The CW.