Supernatural Alum Kim Rhodes is Excited About The Winchesters, Working With Robert Berens Again on Kung Fu (Exclusive)

The Winchesters debuted Tuesday night on The CW, bringing Supernatural fans the epic, untold love story of how the parents of Sam and Dean Winchester, John and Mary, met and not only fell in love, but put everything on the live to save the world. The series premiere drew in a considerable audience with an average of 757,000 viewers making it the network's most-watched series debut this season to date, but it isn't just viewers who are excited about the Supernatural universe continuing via The Winchesters. Supernatural alum Kim Rhodes is excited as well.

Speaking with ahead of her own debut in the network's third season of Kung Fu on Wednesday, Rhodes — who played Jody Mills on Supernatural — said that she's excited for anything that will not only keep Supernatural alive but bring its fans joy — though fans probably shouldn't expect to see her appearing in the prequel series.

"I am excited for anything that will bring the fans joy and will keep Supernatural alive," Rhodes said. "And it's not even… people are like, 'Well, if they asked you to be on Winchesters…' I was like, 'Jody didn't exist back then.' Jody isn't exactly a time traveler. I don't see a world where Jody would fit on Winchesters. So, this is not a selfish, 'Yeah, maybe I'll have a new job.' This is purely commitment to the product, commitment to my friends creating the product, and commitment to wanting the fans to continue the joy of Supernatural in a way that feels good to them. That will always be in my heart."

But while Rhodes won't be appearing on The Winchesters and is instead rooting for the series from the sidelines, she is working with Robert Berens again, this time on Kung Fu. Rhodes makes her series debut on Wednesday as Carrie, a representative for a large restaurant investment group seeking to do business with Harmony Dumplings. For Rhodes, working with Berens again after Supernatural was an exciting prospect.

"It's so funny. I feel like Robert Berens, because back when we worked together on Supernatural, Robert Berens was really the one who took the character of Jody and fleshed her into this incredibly multifaceted human being," Rhodes said. "And then he wrote the spinoff Wayward Sisters. So, I knew without a doubt walking into this that I didn't have to fear for my experience. I didn't have to be on guard for a character that wouldn't feel comfortable or wouldn't feel like a good fit or wouldn't feel like something I could commit to. He's just someone I trust implicitly, and his storytelling is consummate. So, I knew it would be a product I would be proud of being a part of. I knew it would be a show that I would be excited to promote, and I knew it would be a character that could easily nestle into my heart."

The Winchesters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. Kung Fu airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.