Netflix Cancels Teenage Bounty Hunters After Only One Season

Netflix's Teenage Bounty Hunters are closing up shop. On Monday, the streaming service announced that it will be canceling the fan-favorite series after just one season. The news comes less than two months after the series made its debut, with the first season dropping in its entirety on August 14th. The series, which is created by Kathleen Jordan, follows two fraternal twins, Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini), as they team up with experienced bounty hunter Bowser Jenkins (Kadeem Hardison) and start bringing in local criminals. The girls balance the hazards of their secret profession with the finer details of high school life including romance, advanced school work and of course, the popular kids. Sterling and Blair work to keep their academic lives and their questionable extracurricular separated.

Teenage Bounty Hunters also stars Virgin Williams as Debbie Wesley, Mackenzie Astin as Anderson Wesley, Shirley Rumierk as Yolanda Carrion, Devon Hales as April Stevens, and Spencer House as Luke Cresswell. The series is executive produced by Jenji Kohan, Tara Herrmann, Robert Sudduth and Black McCormick.

In the weeks since Teenage Bounty Hunters made its debut, many fans had taken to social media to share their love for the series, and to advocate for Netflix to renew the show for a second season. But given the ever-evolving nature of film and TV production under the COVID-19 pandemic - and Netflix's recent proclivity for canceling popular shows - the news is both heartbreaking and unsurprising. That's especially the case considering the cliffhanger that ended Season 1, which revealed that (SPOILER ALERT) Sterling and Blair were actually cousins instead of fraternal twins, and Sterling was really the daughter of Debbie's secret twin sister, Dana.

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h/t: Deadline