The 100 Showrunner Reveals Update for Spinoff Prequel Plans

Wednesday night's series finale officially brought an end to the story of The 100, but the overall universe in which the show took place could still be continuing in the future. The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg has been developing a spinoff prequel to the long-running series, which takes place nearly a century before Clarke and the others are sent back to Earth. One of the episodes of the final season acted as a backdoor pilot for this spinoff, setting up the story and characters, but there has been no word about its potential future. At least, not yet.

Rothenberg hasn't received word about the future of his new spinoff series, but he remains hopeful that he will still get the chance to explore the universe of The 100 with this project. While speaking to TVLine, Rothenberg offered an update on the spinoff, saying that things remain "up in the air."

"The conversations are now happening at such a high level, they don't include me," he said. "I hope to get a call one of these days and get some good news about it. I'd love to be able to continue those adventures. I love those actors and I love the world of the show so much."

Some of The CW's most popular shows have finally started filming their new seasons, which have all been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For potential new shows, like Rothenberg's spinoff, things are essentially in a state of limbo.

Unlike The 100, this spinoff would actually begin on Earth, showing the events that led to the apocalypse, ultimately sending folks on the ground up onto the Ark as a permanent home. Additionally, Rothenberg wants to utilize "Lost-style flashbacks" to tell the stories of the ancestors throughout the spinoff series.


"Clarke's great, great, great grandparents are up there on the Ark," Rothenberg explained. "Same with Bellamy, Raven and all the characters. I have a plan to get us up there and meet the ancestors. If we're lucky enough to tell that story, we'll meet Great Great Grandpappy Blake."

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