The Boys' Cameron Crovetti Talks Being Homelander's Son, Teases Powers, and More

The Boys season 2 has been a huge hit, and while there are a variety of reasons why, one of the bigger reasons is the unorthodox situation that Rebecca, Ryan, and Homelander find themselves in. After the revelation last season that not only was Rebecca alive but so was her son, we've seen Homelander attempt to become a father figure to Ryan with....well, interesting results to say the least. Ryan is torn between his mother's teachings and the sudden arrival of a sociopathic superhero trying to instill knowledge and wisdom, and it's a compelling storyline that actor Cameron Crovetti has brought to life brilliantly. had the chance to talk to Cameron and his mother Denise Crovetti about getting into acting, his first introduction to The Boys, and what's in store for the character as we move through season 2.

Crovetti started falling in love with acting after seeing how rewarding his sister Isabella's experience was on another project, though it would be a bit longer before he started auditioning.

"My sister is Isabella and a while ago she's on this show called The Neighbors," Crovetti said. "So one time I'm on set, me and my brother on set, and we just saw how much fun she was having and how like everybody on the set was having a good time with everybody. I was just like yes this is what I want to do Mom, so my mom waited for us to get older and mature cause we were pretty young. Then she let us into acting. Probably what I enjoyed the most about it is just getting to play somebody that I'm not and getting to meet new people and go to places like film on location. I just really love it."

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That brings us to The Boys, which introduced Ryan ever so briefly in the season finale, but there wasn't anyone officially tied to the part when that happened. Crovetti auditioned for the role before the first season had released, and it was a bit surreal when they finally saw the show.

"I still hadn't received the audition couple of months before they released it," Crovetti said. "They started casting for this role. And I think my mom put me on tape one time and then I think I got in. And then I think we found out like a month later that I got the role.

"We didn't know what the show was," Denise said. "There were things that hadn't come out yet, and I had never heard of it before. We actually binged it. We flew to Toronto and he knew he was going to be Homelander's son and we then binged the first season when it came out."

"Yeah, we binged the first season while we were filming it," Crovetti said. "We were like wow."

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That reaction is understandable for sure, and season 2 features some equally crazy moments, especially between Ryan and Homelander. There's a lot to process for Ryan when he finds out Homelander is his father, and despite the shock, there is more excitement at first than anger or confusion.

"When he finds out that Homelander is his dad, he's basically like, wait, what! You're my dad? I think he was more shocked than upset with his mom. Maybe he's like a teeny bit upset, but not really," Crovetti said. "He's more shocked that this famous superhero is his dad. He's like shocked because it came out of nowhere."

That enthusiasm doesn't last though, as Homelander's true colors do eventually come through "After that, I find out that he's not really that good of a father," Crovetti said. He's a dad, though it's I guess more about the fascination, and then I'm like, 'Oh wait, he's not that nice.'"

Ryan's opinion of Homelander changes quite a bit after his father pushes him off a roof to try and activate his powers, but despite that event a bond does form. "There is kind of a bond that forms between the two of them during the middle part of the season, and that is kind of really cool to see how Homelander manipulates that," Denise said.

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Homelander continues to try and pull those powers out of Ryan, causing Ryan to not only question whether he has them or not but also causing all sorts of other feelings in the process, and that core question is played with quite a bit throughout the season.

"I think Ryan is pushing forward. No, I don't have powers and maybe I do have powers and I'm not like you, but I might be like you," Denise said. Does Ryan have powers? And what kind of powers does he have to be more powerful than Homelander or is he not as powerful? So it's, it's really, you got to watch it because you find out kind of the last episode really who Ryan is."

Crovetti is keeping pretty busy these days, with roles on not only The Boys but also recent projects like Dirty John and Big Little Lies, which have given him the chance to work with some amazing ensembles. We had to ask then what advice he's gained along the way, and one of the more memorable pieces came from Meryl Streep during a scene where she had to scream quite a bit, which she did whether the camera was on her or not.


"Probably when we worked on Lies with Meryl. She kept having to keep scream over and over again, and it probably hurt her voice, but she kept doing it so that when the camera was on us we got to have a real reaction, so it helped our acting," Crovetti said. "Even when the camera was on her or wasn't, she still gave the exact same performance so they can have something to work with."

Fans can catch more of Crovetti's work in season 2 of The Boys, which is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video, and you can follow him on Instagram right here!