The Boys' Claudia Doumit Addresses AOC Comparisons

One of the new additions to The Boys season two wasn't wearing a cape or a cowl, but Claudia [...]

One of the new additions to The Boys season two wasn't wearing a cape or a cowl, but Claudia Doumit's Victoria Neuman has a place from the source material by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. A play on the "Vic the Veep" character seen in the original comic books, Neuman is a smart and capable voice that stands against the Vought supes, though the season finale pulled the rug out from under everyone and revealed she's a supe herself and can blow up heads from a distance. Comparisons were quickly drawn between Doumit's character and U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While speaking with, Doumit initially described her character as having elements of the New York House Rep "Peppered" in, and said that the similarities between them was both intended but some were a happy accident.

"I think on the surface, yes. I think it was more the idea of AOC, what she represents," Doumit said. "She's a young, progressive woman in politics and she's got a voice that people are drawn to and she's this young new message of politics and I think that that's more so what they wanted to present because I can't say, "Yeah. She's definitely AOC because especially what happens in the end. I don't think AOC does that in her spare time....So, I think to a degree, yes, but then f**k no."

Doumit also confirmed to us that she had no idea the season finale twist about her character was coming, adding she was completely clueless and "in the dark" on the reveal.

"I just thought she was this cool Congresswoman coming in to f**k s**t up and take down Vought. And that's how she was pitched. And I'd see Eric passing by on set and he'd just say to me, 'Got big stuff for Neuman, really exciting stuff.' And I'd say, 'Yeah, cool man. Really exciting stuff for Neuman.'... And I was trying to get into the headspace of it and I'm like, 'He's really stoked about this. He's really psyched for this,' and it was just insane because they'd just blown up a whale and they'd just like ... In comparison, I was like, 'I don't know that this is on par with the other stuff happening in the show to be excited about.' But then I got the episode. I got the script for the second to the last episode, episode six, and I read it and I was like, 'Oh, she's exploding heads. She's a f***ing supe. Oh my God, yes.' And I just lost my mind and I was so excited."

The first two seasons of The Boys are streaming now on Amazon Prime video, with season three tentatively scheduled to begin filming in the first part of 2021.