The Boys' Claudia Doumit Breaks Down That Epic Bloody Season 2 Scene

Claudia Doumit burst onto the scene as Victoria Neuman in the second season of The Boys. Though [...]

Claudia Doumit burst onto the scene as Victoria Neuman in the second season of The Boys. Though she initially appeared as a recurring character in the latest set of episodes, it's apparent she'll be a major piece of the plot as the show moves forward. As the season progressed, so did Doumit's role as the guns-blazing congresswoman. recently sat down with the actor to talk about one of her — ahem — most explosive moments, something she says was the perfect initiation to the comic book world.

Full spoilers up ahead. Proceed with caution if you've yet to see the entire second season of The Boys.

The scene in question, of course, is the Congressional hearing on Vought's usage of Compound V. Because Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) killed himself immediately prior to the trial, things were already plenty messy...then out of thin air, those in the court room got the surprise of their life as people's heads started to explode one by one.

"It was like, 'Oh, this is uncomfortable. This is unsettling. I'm going to need therapy for this,'" Doumit tells us. "That was really the most shocking part of it. But also, how they were able to put all that together within a lunch break. I remember the room was completely normal. It was a hearing, people were there. Yeah? Of course. And then we went to lunch or we went and had a break and we came back and the whole room was just blood everywhere. And I was like, 'Oh, shit's about to go down. Oh, something's about to happen.'"

Did she ever think it was too bloody? The actor says the bloodier, the better. After all, all of the blood and guts help her remember just what show she's acting in after all.

"Of course there's blood everywhere. If there wasn't blood everywhere, am I even on the show?" Doumit adds. "I remember thinking it was the perfect scene. It was the perfect initiation."

It's then revealed at the tail-end of the season, of course, Doumit's character is the one behind all of the exploding heads. Though we've yet to learn her motivations, it's all but guaranteed to be a central plot as the series returns for a third season.

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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