The Boys Episode 7 Promo Reveals The Seven's Traitor

There is a traitor within the ranks of The Seven, and it looks like her secret will be exposed in the penultimate episode of The Boys Season 2. Amazon released a new promo for the next episode of the season, which will be released this Friday. In the promo for "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker," Homelander announces to everyone that Starlight has been going behind the backs of the rest of the team, working against Vought. Now, the world will look at her differently, and she's all-in with the the Boys.

Starlight has been helping Hughie, Butcher, and the rest of the team throughout the second season of The Boys. The decisions she has made to this point could come back to bite her in the future, as all of the Supes in the world will now be going after her. You can check out the full promo in the video above.

While Starlight has been on a path towards joining Butcher's cause all season, she passed the point of no return in this past week's episode. After accidentally killing the man in the car, Starlight has realized that she won't ever be the same.

During a recent interview, The Boys star Erin Moriarty explained that Starlight will be different going forward, following the man's death.

“That episode is a really important one because it makes her realize how far she’s going in keeping herself safe, maintaining her objective to take down Vought and also it really wakes her up to realize – I think she’s kind of been in denial about how much this world and being in Vought has changed her, you know?" the actor recently told Collider. "If we think back to Episode 1, Season 1 of Annie or Starlight, we all know that that would have not been a feasible thing for her at all, and I think the way she digests the death and that she causes it and what’s going on in that episode is, it’s a really hard pill for her to swallow.”


There are just two episodes left in the second season of The Boys. The first season was released all at once, but Amazon opted to go with a weekly release schedule for Season 2. The series has already been renewed for Season 3 and will return next year.

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