The Office Funko Pops Are Ready for Funkoween

Funko's week-long Funkoween event concludes today, May 28th, with a final round of [...]


Funko's week-long Funkoween event concludes today, May 28th, with a final round of Halloween-themed Pop figures. So far, the Funkoween lineup has included many Funko fan-favorite franchises like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney, DC, and Marvel. Now you can add The Office to that list.

The Office Funkoween Pop figure collection includes Kevin as the Dunder Mifflin superhero, Oscar with Michael's crudely-made scarecrow gift, and Dwight with a Jack o' lantern pumpkin head. Pre-orders for all of these The Office Pop figures are live here at Entertainment Earth now.

As far as exclusives are concerned, Dwight with a blowtorch is available to pre-order here at Target and a Golden Ticket Michael is available here at FYE. You can keep tabs on all of the new releases and where to pre-order them via our Funkoween master list.

As all die-hard The Office fans know, the series is now streaming on NBCUniversal's Peacock service. The move has been a good one for parent company Comcast. In some ways it's been good for fans as well since many of the episodes now come with exclusive bonus features. That said, if you haven't signed up for Peacock yet you can try it out here.

The Office streaming success on Peacock isn't surprising. In 2020 it was the most popular title on any streaming service, despite the series finale airing half a decade ago. According to Nielsen reporting, 57.13 billion minutes of The Office were streamed throughout 2020. The second-most streamed show, Grey's Anatomy, had just under 40 billion minutes streamed. Peacock likely isn't pulling in the same numbers for The Office that Netflix did, but having it on its roster has certainly been a massive selling point. The Office continues to have hordes of fans, and the love for the show doesn't seem to be slowing down.

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