Negan Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals His Son Will Appear in The Walking Dead Season 11

After real-life married couple Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan played Negan and [...]

After real-life married couple Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan played Negan and Lucille Smith in "Here's Negan," their son, Augustus 'Gus' Morgan, will appear in Season 11 of The Walking Dead. Filming on the 24-episode final season is now underway in Senoia, Georgia, where shooting is expected to run through spring 2022. Gus Morgan joins his father in the Walking Dead Universe when Negan returns in the super-sized Season 11, where Negan must co-exist behind the same walls as Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and her eight-year-old son Hershel Rhee (Kien Michael Spiller).

"Gus Morgan, my 11-year-old son, is going to be the featured walker in Episode 5," the Negan actor said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "He's been getting his Covid test so he can be on set and all that. He is so pumped. I just remembered today that last time we did zombie makeup — he's gonna be a walker and have all the stuff done, and it's kind of a cool little role he's doing in the show — the last time we did any zombie makeup on him he looked at his reflection in the mirror and passed out (laughs)."

Morgan added, "That was a few years ago so I'm hoping he doesn't pass out this time around because the makeup is gonna be extensive and cool. But he's so excited."

After the Morgans filmed their Negan prequel as part of the six bonus episodes produced with a limited cast and crew due to the coronavirus pandemic, the AMC production is "back at full strength" for the Epic Final Season of The Walking Dead.

"Now that we're just getting to the end of Episode 3 of this new year, there's so much story and it's very grand in scale," Morgan recently told Collider. "Our first two episodes, we had 28 shooting days. Normally, we do that in 16. So, it suddenly seems a lot bigger somehow. I think everyone is keenly aware that it is our last year, as far as the writers and stuff. It feels good. It feels like the story is really good."

He continued, "I've only seen the first four scripts, and they're great. There's so far no reference and no feeling in the story that it's ending at all. It's opening up all of these new chapters that are really interesting and cool. I'm excited."

The Final Season of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, August 22 on AMC. Follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter for all things TWD.