Vampire Diaries Star Candice Accola Announces Birth Of New Baby

Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola King has announced the birth of her baby on social media. She and her husband Joe King are both ecstatic to have their latest bundle of joy at home with them. It's been a troubling year, so many fans were happy to see this bright spot scroll past their timelines. The 33-year-old also told fans that their baby is named Josephine June. Big sister Florence May is also happy to have a little sister as a part of the household as well. Proud papa King also got in on the good vibes on Instagram. He said that this little bundle of joy had really turned this year around for him. He also championed his wife who battled through a very difficult 2020 and the uncertainty floating through the air.

Previously, Accola King had written an essay about her struggles during the pandemic and pregnancy. Her words chronicled the journey she faced along with so many others. Her words were heartfelt and focused on how she was completely blindsided by the situation. Sure, she has one child already, but 2020 presented a whole new batch of challenges.

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King wrote, "Now, four years later, I'm pregnant with my second child — and you'd think I'd feel more prepared than before. But nope. My husband and I found ourselves hovering over a pregnancy test three weeks into our government-imposed quarantine due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The pregnancy was planned. The pregnancy during a pandemic was not."

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"Where is the baby book that tells you how to navigate giving birth in a year like 2020? There isn't one. This is uncharted territory. There is no guidebook on how to deal with going to doctor's appointments alone," she continued. "Nobody has the perfect answer on how to talk to friends and family about wearing a mask and staying six feet apart when said friends and family members are telling you you're "just overreacting." I haven't found helpful literature that guides you to be able to balance watching the news in order to stay informed while also having to turn the news off so that you can monitor your own mental health."


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