The Walking Dead Alum Michael Cudlitz Says Abraham's Return "Has Been Discussed"

The world of The Walking Dead hasn't been the same since the dreaded Season 7 premiere back in [...]

The world of The Walking Dead hasn't been the same since the dreaded Season 7 premiere back in 2016. Negan came onto the scene and changed the landscape of the show's dynamics, but that's not what fans will remember most. Negan ruthlessly killed both Abraham and Glenn, removing two of the show's most beloved characters in just a matter of minutes. Fortunately, thanks to the ever-expanding universe The Walking Dead has built, at least one of those characters has a good shot at appearing on TV again.

Both Abraham and Glenn are definitely dead in the current timeline of the series, and there is no coming back from that, but we've already seen other projects showcase various time periods in the franchise. Negan got his own backstory episode, which takes place at the onset of the apocalypse. As it turns out, Abraham could be getting a similar treatment at some point. recently spoke with former TWD star Michael Cudlitz about his new role on CBS' Clarice. When asked about a potential on-screen return to The Walking Dead Universe, Cudlitz explained that there have already been discussions about his comeback with the powers that be.

"We have absolutely talked about that," Cudlitz told us. "I think Scott Gimple actually leaked something about that. And it's not the [same as] the Negan thing, those are character-centric episodes. And what they're talking about doing, from my understanding, what they're talking about doing with Abraham is, he would be part of one of the films, to the movies, the little bit of a longer format. Again, who knows. Nothing is 100%. But it absolutely has been discussed. And not just as a wishlist from my side. It's been discussed by the people that actually make it happen."

As many fans know, there is an entire chapter of Abraham's life that took place between the onset of the apocalypse and his run-in with Rick Grimes. Along with Eugene and Rosita, Abraham made the trek from Texas to Virginia, doing everything they could to survive and find others like them. There are all sorts of options to be explored with Abraham's backstory.

As Cudlitz explained, this origin story would be told in the form of a feature film, rather than just a one-off episode. This means we could get quite a bit more Abraham Ford in the future.

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