WandaVision DP Reveals One Note Kevin Feige Had for Episode's Scary Sequence

Full spoilers for WandaVision ahead! Last week's episode of Marvel Studios' WandaVision made the reveal that some saw coming when it was confirmed that Kathryn Hahn's Agnes was actually none other than Marvel Comics witch Agatha Harkness. The reveal comes after Elizabeth Olsen's character creeps down into the basement of Agnes' home, only to find creepy vines, spooky fog, and unknown grimoires hidden from view of the jovial West View. Speaking in a new interview, WandaVision director of photography Jess Hall revealed that Marvel President Kevin Feige had but one note for the sequence, it's gotta be scary.

"Mary Livanos, our producer, and [director] Matt Shakman and I – it was one that we had to kind of revisit together a couple of times to decide on quite how it was gonna work - the aspect ratio, where the transition was going to happen," Hall told CinemaBlend. "A lot of thought went into it, but ultimately, just the idea of going down, you know, it's a very iconic concept. You go down into a basement, you're headed for darkness. So I just really was playing with that very simple iconography. And finally, I could kind of get into my full MCU dramatic-film-lighting, which I've been looking forward to for a while. So just embracing all the kind of LED technology that we have our disposal now, and a great set design by Mark Worthington, and embracing the darkness. That was Kevin Feige's note was, 'This needs to be dark and scary.'"

The reveal of Agnes as Agatha Harkness has Marvel fans talking about the final two episodes of the series though, including theories of who else we might see pop up from Marvel Comics. As readers might recall, both Harkness and Wanda have a connection to the comic's version of the "Devil" aka Mephisto, a connection that could spell doom for the twins. With speculation still running rampant about the mystery special guest in the series, we're just two weeks away from finding out how deep the rabbit hole, or creepy basement, goes.

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