WandaVision: Here's Why Agatha Isn't the Villain

In a reveal most saw coming a mile away, Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) has finally been revealed as one of the leads in WandaVision. Though we've seen her every episode, it wasn't until "Breaking the Fourth Wall" came about that the character decided to reveal her true identity to Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and subsequently, the masses tuning into Disney+. Right away, people started to suggest she's the WandaVision's big bad, the villain behind everything that's going on — but that might not be the case.

Through the beloved "Agatha All Along" tune, we find out it's been Hahn's character that's served as the puppetmaster behind the show's events — from the bizarre "For the Kids" event through the arrival of "Pietro Maximoff" (Evan Peters) at the end of Episode 5. Throughout the entire song, the only thing that flat-out carries villainous vibes is the reveal that Agatha was the one who killed Sparky.

Even then, maybe that doesn't make her the show's villain.

After Sparky died, Billy and Tommy were just seconds away from aging themselves up again, something we had already seen happen twice in the episode. What if she needed them older?

There are thoughts that perhaps an otherworldly entity could be using Agatha as a vessel. Just remember, the character's virtually always been on the side of heroes, and a heel turn in the MCU would be a surprising action. Maybe she hoped Billy and Tommy could grow older and master their powers for an impending fight.

Instead, maybe Agatha's been orchestrating the events of WandaVision — no matter how heartbreaking (Sparky) — so that it unlocks more of Wanda's skillset. We've already written about how Westview could actually be the MCU's version of New Salem, so maybe someone like Nightmare or Mephisto (or Shuma-Gorath, cross your fingers) has brought the fight to them.

That's why Agatha would want Wanda as powerful as she can be, and a pair of additional heroes (Billy and Tommy) with a better understanding of their skillsets.

The first seven episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+.


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