WandaVision Episode 7: What Happened to The Twins?

Spoiler warning for all of WandaVision up to this point ahead! This week's episode of the hit Marvel Studios series answered plenty of questions, but also brought up some brand new ones. For most of the episode we see Wanda trying to come to grips with her inability to continue controlling West View, with helpful neighbor Agnes taking twins Billy and Tommy off her hands to give her some space. By episode's end though when Agnes is revealed to be "Agatha Harkness," another magical character, and the twins are nowhere to be seen, not even hinted at so it's got us all wondering, where did the twins go?

One distinct possibility of where they are, beyond simply being held elsewhere by Agnes for the time being, is that Marvel is digging deep and sticking to the comic book origins of the two characters. As Marvel Comics readers might recall, "Billy and Tommy" were supposedly born to Wanda and Vision in the pages of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch comic series but were later revealed to have been created by Wanda after harnassing the life essence of Mephisto to create them and eventually they were reabsorbed by the character (Marvel's stand-in for the devil).

Now Mephisto has not been confirmed to appear in the series, but speculation is at an all time high and considering the hints from the cast and the history of Wanda, Vision, and Agatha it would make a lot of sense for him to appear. Two episodes remain in WandaVision so we'll no doubt see where the twins went, and hopefully we don't see them stuck onto the hands of villain Master Pandemonium.

(Photo: MARVEL )

Though the original William and Billy were absorbed again, the characters did eventually return in the comics but in an unexpected way. The pairs souls were later reincarnated into actual super-powered human bodies, bringing Young Avengers heroes Wiccan and Speed to life. Considering Marvel is introducing other characters from this team in the MCU, it seems like that could be the path they're traveling with this pair as well. Two episodes remain and answers will surely come.


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