Westworld Creator Teases Fifth and Final Season Talks With HBO

The fourth season of Westworld came and went this year, and while the newest episodes were met with fairly positive reviews, the show didn't make quite a splash as it did in previous years. The season has a 76% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, and ComicBook.com's Patrick Cavanaugh gave it a 3 out of 5, and wrote about how there might actually be a "method to the madness." In fact, the show's creators do know how they want to wrap up the series. Unfortunately, it's been almost two months since Season 4 came to an end, and it still hasn't been renewed by HBO.

"We always planned for a fifth and final season," Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan said during New York Comic-Con this weekend (via Deadline). "We are still in conversations with the network. We very much hope to make them." Co-creator Lisa Joy previously told Deadline, "Jonah [Nolan] and I have always had an ending in mind that we hope to reach. We have not quite reached it yet."

Previously, Westworld seasons were renewed while the current season was still airing, which could spell trouble for the potential fifth season. However, with all of the huge names, time, and money put into the series, it would still be pretty shocking if they pulled the plug before the final season. Of course, with all of the shakeups happening at Warner Bros. Disvoery, anything is possible. 

During an interview with EW about Westworld's fourth season finale, Joy reiterated that they have had an ending in mind for some time, but they still need another season to finish out their plans. 

"We never broke [the show] with an exact number of seasons left," Joy said. "But then when we were writing this season, we were like, 'We can get it up to the precipice before we round it out with what we had always planned would happen in the fifth season.' So we have, like Dolores [Evan Rachel Wood], one more story to tell – and whether we get to tell it, we'll see."

"We always had this idea that, in the last season, we would let the person who was at the whim of other people's stories and predilections and desires to be able to write a story of her own and really flip the test back," Joy added. "In terms of a launching pad for that [in season 5], the old regimes and the old world and a lot of the old players have been dismantled and destroyed [in season 4]. So, in this final test, what is Dolores gonna do? How will the world look different? How will she, as the final tester, create a different universe in a different game and a different way?"

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